Injustice coming from the country’s judges and justices

WE have heard a lot about palpable and questionable decisions from the country’s judges and justices, particularly from the Court of Appeals which has gained its notoriety for allegedly dishing out a number of so-called “decisions for sale.”

I have heard a lot of numerous cases wherein some litigants voluntarily or forcibly being asked to pay certain amount of money for judges and justices just to have favorable decision for their cases but end up losing because the other party gave a higher amount.

Usually, crook judges and justices transact their business of “decisions for sale” with utmost secrecy, with no witnesses to spill the beans against their evil deeds, and no money or paper trail that would pin them down.

To the guilty bribe-taker dispenser of justice, they move around and act shamelessly before the public as if they still posses the credibility and integrity in their respective jobs.

One of my friends say that the vulnerability of the country’s judges and justices in accepting money to dish out favorable decisions to a favored litigant is very strong purportedly because their take home pay is not enough for their vices, whims and caprices.

I hope that the Supreme Court should closely monitor the questionable decisions some of our judges and justices make and act moto propio in weeding out the so-called scalawags in robes from their ranks.


A case in point is the immediate and unilateral quashing of the case by a local judge in Cotabato City which was filed by the city’s prosecutor against the city’s vice-mayor and several other prominent people in connection with the kidnappings there and other places in Central Mindanao.

With the quashing of the case he filed, Cotabato City prosecutor Wilfred Buyco now wants Justice Secretary Leila de Lima to immediately ask for a transfer, citing threats in his life by people whom he accused of being behind the rampant kidnappings in the city and nearby provinces. The local judge rejected the inclusion of Cotabato City Vice Mayor Muslimin Sema; former Cotabato City administrator and retired police officer Esmael Daulog; Cotabato City Councilor Sukarno Sema; Mayor Salaban Diocolano of Kabuntalan, Maguindanao; and two other Sema relatives, Rolly Solano and Alim Budi in the charge sheet.

I have copies of the documents prepared by the PNP and Buyco against Sema and his gang mates and the indictment was based on confessions signed by some kidnapping suspects arrested by the police in General Santos City last month.

The suspects had identified Sema and his associates as being behind the kidnappings in Cotabato City, including the January 8 abduction of Chinese-Filipino trader Eulogio Tan.

The police in Central Mindanao, led by Chief Superintendent Gil Meneses did a good job in documenting the close links of the kidnap suspects to Sema and company, including a police officer and a personal bodyguard of the city’s vice-mayor.

In one instance, a local judge even even approved the release of one suspect detained at the Cotabato City jail (who is closely identified with Sema’s men) who was positively identified by witnesses as involved in a local murder and kidnapping case.

The local judge’s decisions, I was informed by my sources in the city, would embolden the now scot-free kidnap suspects to do their thing with impunity in the days to come. And we could see no end in KFR cases in Central Mindanao now that the local judiciary is allegedly under the kidnap syndicate’s payroll.


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