Looming betrayal of the people’s trust (2)

THE most recent statement from Mr. Belmonte on the ‘Impeach Gutierrez’ battlecry  is that the House membership shall vote INDIVIDUALLY and will not tow partisan lines.

“Each shall vote in accordance with his/her conscience,” the Speaker finally remarked.

Well, theoretically fine.

But there is more than meets the eye in the House’s sudden OBSCURE stance vis-à-vis the Gutierrez impeachment issue.  The speaker, according to our  moles, may have gotten wind of the Ombudsman’s silent instruction to census current members of the Lower House WITH PENDING CASES before the Office of the Ombudsman, or whose relatives/close associates have pending cases thereat, and to retrieve these cases from the dustbins and revive them as soon as our Honorables give their nod for the impeachment engine to get started.

In fact, buzz journalists have it that most of the erstwhile Gutierrez-hostile solons who have been tipped about the Ombudsman’s RESBAK strategy had suddenly trooped to the Speaker’s office to air their apprehensions, and to caution the latter to “go slow on Merci . . . . and just let her fi-nish her term.”

Small wonder then that the ever amiable “Father of the House” who’s after his fold’s welfare and understood each one’s sentiments, opted to go public with all sorts of technical clarifications about  a few more ‘legal obstacles’ to the Gutierrez impeachment proceedings. All these, at the expense of BETRAYING the people’s trust by this institution invariably called “The House of Crocs” and what negative nomenclature have we.

There is lingering perception that Ombudsman Gutierrez, judging by her “record of failures and omissions,” has been standing in the way in the early realization of President Aquino’s campaign slogan, “Kung Walang Corrupt, Walang Mahirap.”

The nation curiously awaits the President’s reaction to the House of Representatives’ sudden COOLING OFF stance anent the ‘impeachment fever’ against the Ombudsman.-Alex ‘Rapido’ Almario

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