Making ‘pa-pogi’ at the expense of PNP and its men

FUGITIVE Sen. Panfilo Lacson, who is still in hiding because of a standing warrant for his arrest in the Dacer-Corbito abduction with murder case, now wants to project that he has a “pure and immaculate” record during his stint as PNP chief from 1999 to 2001.

He claimed that he did not avail of the slush funds which include a P40 million for the office of the C, PNP per year; credit card with very high credit limit; and very sufficient gas allowance enough to run 50 vehicles for 24 hours daily.

This latest media stance by Lacson has earned him the ire of several ranking and senior, active and retired PNP officers who said it was designed to make a “pa-pogi” for himself at the expense of the PNP and its officers and men.

The Senator’s claim also meant that the Chief PNP’s before and after Lacson may have all been corrupt and availed of the slush funds he mentioned.

A group of PNP officers based at Camp Crame say that Lacson may have not availed of the slush fund at the PNP and other perks such as the jueteng payola, but he surely accumulated wealth from questionable sources when he entered the political arena.

During their days at the Presidential Anti-Crime Commission, Erap, Lacson and his men launched a fund-raising campaign among rich and influential Filipino-Chinese businessmen purportedly to combat the then rampant and allegedly police-initiated KFR cases.

Former PNP Gen Reynaldo Berroya has said more than P150 million was raised by the PACC during that time but no accounting was ever made on where those monies went.


I personally believe that there exist a “welcome and sendoff” slush funds at the PNP for the C, PNP and members of his directorial staff. This is “traditional” at the PNP and this is usually sourced at the PNP’s PS (or personal services) account which could be re-aligned and “converted” into cash. Just like what has happened and still happening at the AFP.

But before digging into the alleged “pasalubong and pabaon” slush funds at the PNP, the Senate should first investigate Sen. Lacson for his alleged cowardice for hiding and in not facing the charges against him in court.

The Quierosaber’s Blog, a weblog, says that “ Lacson has not only betrayed the trust and the high expectations that he will be a true public servant of the people and for the people when he was voted senator of the realm, but has shown cowardice in the face of personal life trials and political contretemps.”


Instead of disagreeing with Lacson’s statement, the PNP spokesman Chief Superintendent Agrimero Cruz Jr. decided to just “ride” on the claims of the former PNP chief, saying the PNP is very grateful to the good senator because of his initiatives. “In the interest of transparency and accountability, the PNP will fully cooperate with any formal inquiry,” Cruz said. I don’t think any formal inquiry about the welcome and send-off slush funds at the PNP will prosper unless it can come out with another officer, like former AFP budget officer and Col. George Rabusa, who can and will spill the beans.

What about asking and convincing PNP Col. Tomas Rentoy III if he’s willing to become a whistleblower?
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