Merci’s difficult choices: Resign or stand senate trial and be mocked, humiliated

THE Supreme Court ruling that allows the House to proceed with impeachment proceedings against Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez came as a pleasant surprise to us.

Midas Marquez, the high court’s spokesman and administrator said the decision belies allegations that the present Supreme Court is an Arroyo court because all its members except one were appointees of  then president Gloria
Macapagal-Arroyo, now a Pampanga representative.

‘’We are not Arroyo Supreme Court,” says Midas Marquez, as he looks visibly hurt by the tag and public perception of the court’s alleged lack of impartiality. He said the ruling was proof of justices’ independence from any individual or
political group.

With the high court ruling, House Speaker Feliciano Belmonte said that there is nothing anymore that can stop the House Committee on Justice, chaired by Iloilo Rep Neil Tupaz from resuming its investigation into allegedly impeachable offenses committed by Gutierrez.

To resume the hearing, the Tupaz committee voted to ask Ombudsman Gutierrez to reply to impeachment complaints filed against her by various groups.

Recall that President Aquino has always considered her a roadblock in his fight against corruption as evidenced by the long list of cases she refuses to act on,
to wit:

*NBN-ZTE S Scandal;

*Millions of bribe money to congressmen and governors (Oct. 2007)

*Cheating in 2004 elections (Hello Garci)

Joc-Joc Bolante Case (Fertilizer Scam, P728 million)

* Pidal Bank Account (Unexplained Wealth, P200 million);

*Nani Perez Power Plant Deal ($2 million)

*Use of Road User’s Tax for campaigning;

*Billion Peso Macapagal Boulevard (Overprice of P532 million)

*Jueteng Gate (Alleged Numbers Game Kickbacks);

*Extra-judicial killings;

*Arroyo moneys in Germany (Exposed by Sen. Peter Cayetano);

*General Garcia and other men;

*Billion peso poll automation contract (P1.3 billion);

*Northrail Project ($503 million);

*Euro Generals;

*Gloria Arroyo son’s hidden wealth in US;

*Swine Scam (Exposed by Atty. Harry Roque;

*Venable Contract (Norberto Gonzales);

* NAIA 3;

* Maguindanao results of 2007 elections (Zubiri, Bedol)

Despite her failure to prosecute these  20  multi-billion graft cases, Gutierrez insisted that she has not been remiss in her duty to prosecute corrupt officials, and vowed to put up a good fight in the impeachment proceedings
against her to the end.

She also rejected calls for her to resign.

Still this space believes that in the end, Gutierrez will reconsider her position after realizing that she can’t stand the rigor of Senate trial where she would probably be ridiculed and humiliated for blocking the overwhelming
desire of the people to pursue the fight against corruption and put to  jail corrupt government officials.

To cling to her post and argue her case in the Senate impeachment trial in the hope that she would get an acquittal is wishful thinking if not an exercise in futility. Impeachment is not judicial but a political proceeding where the
verdict is decided by a majority vote held today by PNoy’s Liberal Party and its allies. With all the odds are against her, is resigning not a better choice!- Cornelio de Guzman

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