Paratang kay Com. Losbanes ng Phil. navy pinasubalian

BASAHIN natin ang ilang bahagi ng reaction letter mula sa Naval Public Affairs office sa Naval Base, Sangley Point, Cavite

This has reference to Mr. Johnny Magalona’s column, Juan de Sabog, on 17 and 18 February 2011 about a Navy personnel’s claim of corruption by Commodore Nestor Losbanes as follows:

A. Construction of a Pier in Sangley Point worh P4. 6M without procuring any material and used rotten wood instead.

B. Repair of three officers quarters worth P12M and converted into his unit office. Repainting putting up of windows and doors reportedly cost P24 million.

C. Construction of a big house in Laguna using go-vernment funds. We would like to inform you that the anonymous Navy personnel’s claims have no basis. All of these projects have official records which can be verified at the Headquarters Naval Base Cavite. We hope that this will aid you in checking the veracity of the allegations. Official records show the following:

A. The Officer’s Landing Pier cost P149,330.10 contrary to the P4.6 M stated by the source.

B. The three officers quarters cost P1,336, 542.10 and not P12M for construction and P24M for repainting. While it is true that the Offi-cers quarters have been converted into unit offices, situated near the entrance of Naval Base Cavite, it is not an ideal place for housing.

The buildings have also been abandoned due to their dilapidated condition.

It was then converted into offices that house the Base Security Group, Base Housing Authority and Headquarters and Security Group.

C.The claim that Com. Losbanes used government funds to finance the construction of his house is not also true. (To be continued). Johnny Magalona

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