People cry for action not speeches

THE SPEECH delivered by President Noynoy Aquino last Saturday could have been more moving had he coupled it with corresponding action.

He said the actions and programs carried out during the first months of his administration included the rebidding of overpriced contracts, the adoption of the zero-based budgeting approach and the increase in the budget for the conditional cash transfer (CCT) program, among others.

However, he did not mention, nor expose, the shenanigans behind the overpriced contracts he alleged to have been committed by people in government and in the private sector. H could have been more forceful in his speech had he named the corrupt and the corruptors.

He did not and so the identities of corrupt businessmen and private officials tha made our government the most corrupt in Asia, if not in the world.We will never know who these people are because our very own president refuss to name there.

It is a good thing that there are still whistleblowers in our midst who have been courageous enough to name the corrupt unlike the president who would rather keep quiet about their identities.

“In the roughly eight months that I and my team have been in office, we have witnessed an upsurge of optimism in our economy. In a short span of time, we are fulfilling our promise to curb corruption and to reduce poverty,” he said.

Who was the president talking to? Oh, but of course, he was talking to foreign doors and creditors at the five-star Sofitel Hotel at the reclaimed area of the Manila Bay that had been witness to the extreme corruption beginning but not ending with the reclamation project from Roxas Blvd. to Macapagal Ave.

He said there were about P1-billion worth of contracts for projects administered by the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) that were bid out again because they were found to have been overpriced. By whom? Nobody knows.

“In our first month in office, we stopped and then renegotiated and rebid some overpriced contracts of the DPWH amounting to P1 billion, saving our taxpayers P300 million as a result of implementing a transparent and a truly competitive process,” Aquino said.

Mr. President, if you know the identities of these people, please name them and send them to jail, now and not when they are dead and honored like saints.

Budget Secretary Florencio Abad told a press briefing after the speech that the economic team’s focus was to reverse the jobless growth.

“The economic team is emphatic about reversing the jobless growth. We want to solicit more investments in sectors like tourism, agriculture, etc.,” Abad said.- Raul Valino

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