Ph mission secures full UN documentation on peacekeeping funds

THE Philippine permanent mission to the United Nations in New York reported that Permanent Representative Ambassador Libran N. Cabactulan recently met with and received from key UN officials documents that would show that all transactions between the UN and the Philippines as regards peacekeeping reimbursements have always been guided by transparency as these were all properly recorded by the world body.

UN records would show that the reimbursements were directly deposited to the bank accounts of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) either directly or through the Mission, according to the Department of Foreign Affairs.

The US$3.3 million reimbursements for equipment that Philippine troops brought to Haiti that are currently in the custody of the Philippine Consulate General here are also accounted for.

On the alleged US$5-million check handed by UN to an unidentified Philippine military personnel in 2001, UN records did not show a single check issued in that amount.

The Mission sought the UN’s assistance in obtaining all documents related to peacekeeping reimbursements to the Philippines upon the instructions of Foreign Affairs Secretary Alberto G. Romulo.

DFA said LNC_UN_Officials-1Ms. Beatrice Kyei-Asare, Chief of the MOU and Claims Management Section, Department of Field Support; and Ms. Katherine Vendat, Director of the Peacekeeping Financing Division, Department of Management turned over the documents to Ambassador Cabactulan who was joined by Deputy Permanent Representative Carlos D. Sorreta and other Mission officers and staff.

Mr. Pierre Leveille and Ms. Lydia Tamale of the MOU and Claims Management Section were also present.

Ambassador Cabactulan earlier recommended that all current and future peacekeeping reimbursements to the Philippines be remitted to the National Treasury for proper accounting and safekeeping.

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