Police shot dead hostage taker in Marinduque

POLICE shot dead a man who held hostage an official in a remote village in Marinduque province.

According to reports reaching Camp Crame, Rocel Fidernal was killed by the police following a three-hour long hostage taking incident in Brgy. Dos, Gasan town of said province.

The reports said the hostage taking incident occurred when the suspect, a known drug addict in the area, barged inside the house of village councilor Jovy Masangkay at around 11:30 a.m. Saturday, February 26, and held her hostage.

Three hours later, Fidernal became hysterical and began to harm the hostage, prompting the police authorities to order an assault and shot the suspect, hitting him on the chest.

The reports said the victim, who sustained minor wound and bruises, was safely rescued while the suspect was brought to a nearby physician, but was declared dead-on-arrival. Anthony Vargas

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