Prosecute the thieves,plunderers in the AFP, govt – group

MIGRANT Filipinos in Europe challenged the Aquino government to pursue the investigation on the reported plunder of AFP money, and to pursue the prosecution of Gloria Arroyo and her generals for corruption, plunder and other crimes against the Filipino people.

Migrante Europe issued the call following the revelations of whistleblowers to the reported corruption in the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP). They are very serious reports that involve officials of the armed forces and billions of pesos in public funds.

“The reports of corruption in the political and military leaderships have long been known. But because there is absence of political will and a decrepit justice system to pursue these reports, these have remained unprosecuted. What the courageous whistle blowers in the recent reports have done, merely confirm what the people already suspect – that public money supposed to go to the salaries and other benefits of the lowly soldiers and retired personnel are plundered and put into the personal pockets of AFP generals and other officials of the armed forces and their families. Like their political counterparts, the millionaire AFP generals and officers maintain expensive and lavish lifestyles, maintain secret bank accounts, mistresses/gigolos, mansions in the United States and other real properties, and run profitable criminal syndicates,” the group said in a statement.

“All these while the lowly soldiers, retired military personnel and the rest of the majority of the people contend daily with where to get the next meal, where to look for decent employment, a roof over their heads, quality education for their children, basic necessities for them to be called human beings,” the group said.

The reports of corruption in the armed forces are  the latest spectacle to poke the hungry stomachs of millions of Filipinos. Like their political counterparts, the AFP bureaucrats and officers capitalize on their public office and mandate to plunder public coffers and enrich themselves.

The group cited in particular the hidden wealth of the Marcoses in the billions of dollars, the ‘kamag-anak incorporated” of Cory Aquino, the PEA-Amari land scam of former President Ramos (a former AFP general), the jueteng controversy of former President Estrada, the NBN-ZTE deal, OFW fund scam of Gloria Arroyo, the AFP payola, to name only a measly few.

“The people have seemed indifferent to these reports, not because they don’t believe that these are not true, but because they know that these so-called exposes and investigations won’t take the culprits nearer to real justice and the firing squads at the Luneta for public viewing. This won’t happen unless there’s someone in government, or an entity that holds political power that is willing to ferret out the truth and prosecute, for justice’s and the people’s sake,” the group said.

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