Public interest sa LGU plunders

I AM amazed at the scores of reaction to this space’s proposal (last issue) that the Commission On Audit (COA) motu proprio (on its own initiative) conduct a SPECIAL AUDIT of the financial transactions of ALL LGUs over the past years – maybe twenty years – to determine the extent of thievery/plunder that local chief executives and congressmen have done vis-à-vis their respective Internal Revenue Allotment/Priority Development Assistance Fund over those years.

Several are egging me to zero in on this proposal without let-up, until our COA leadership respond favorably and take concrete action, or until PNoy INSTRUCTS them to do so.

“You hit the nail right on the head,” they said in unison, “when you wrote that all local chief executives – without exception – have one way or the other STOLEN from the people’s/taxpayers’ money by appropriating for their own private benefit ALL or SUBSTANTIALLY ALL of  their respective IRA/PDAF.

Noong kapanahunan ni Pang. Fidel Ramos at nagtalaga/nag-designate ng mga RESIDENT OMBUDSMAN sa bawat ahensiya ng pamahalaan upang tukuyin at tugisin sa husgado ang mga korap na kawani nila.

The objective was laudable:to rid, or at least minimize, graft and corruption in the different branches/agencies of the government.

Kaso lang, na contaminate ng TAYO-TAYO at PAKISAMA system ang programang ito kaya LUGAW ang naging resulta.

Wala ni isang naipakulong ang anomang ahensiya at ang nakadidismaya, pati ang mga natalagang resident Ombudsman ay naging korap na rin sa bandang huli!

Ito kasi ang isa ring  malalang sakit ng marami-rami rin sa ating mga Pinoy. Corrupted na rin kasi ang kinagisnan at kinalakhang VALUES natin, at ang karamihan sa atin ay KINAIN na nito!

The designation of resident Ombudsmen can be revived, but this time with caution and extensive overhaul.

The choice of resident ombudsmen should, this time around,  be meticulously done to ensure that the right designees – those with known reputation for probity, integrity and honesty, plus competence of course – are  the ones put in place.

These resident Ombudsmen can, in turn, harness the assistance of the COA with a view to enlisting the latter’s auditors/fraud investigators in the conduct of  special audits that we’ve already  mentioned.

There is widespread agitation, though,  from the populace that such special audits should NOW be commenced by our COA – even before new resident Ombudsmen are designated in the various departments of the government.

Kailangang NGAYON na MAKULONG ang lahat ng naging korap sa ating mga lokal na pamahalaan!-Alex ‘Rapido’ Almario

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