Spin masters

IT’S amazing how some media men especially those engaged in the spin game could conjure up and create something out of fast moving developments just to suit the interests of their principals and in the process destroy the reputation and image of their targets.

Take for example the case of the recent high-profile carjacking and murder cases of car dealers Emerson Lozano and Venson Evangelista and the former’s driver Ernane Sensil.

The brutal manner in which they were killed has caught national attention and raised serious concern from the country’s leadership including no less than President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III.

As expected, some officials who used to operate under the radar suddenly became very visible among them Interior Secretary Jesse Robredo and his man PNP Chief Director General Raul Bacalzo.

While the actions and announcements of these officials were based on the results of their legitimate works, these spin masters who portray themselves as crusading journalists were quick in using their creativity to come up with a different angle and twist the meaning of their statements.

Take for instance the case of the recent announcement of Robredo who was quoted as saying in an interview that they are now looking into the possible involvement of some government officials in the Dominguez carnap group.

Just one quote and suddenly the demolition team members masquerading as newsmen had a field day connecting Land Transportation Office Chief Virginia Torres to what was supposed to be a purely “police case”.

A day after Robredo made the quote, newsmen who are obviously under the payroll and working for Stradcom Corp., immediately went to work like a well -oiled machine, and lo and behold, Torres and LTO suddenly became the main subjects of the otherwise carjack-murder cases.

Obviously, the propaganda operators of Stradcom led by a well-known and “respected” radio-TV newscaster from a giant broadcast firm are riding on the issue and they now want Torres to answer for the crimes that she did not commit.

The obvious objective of the media operations dubbed “Oplan Tower” was of course to demonize Torres in the public and pressure President Aquino to kick her out of the office before the renegotiation and review of Stradcom Corp as LTO’s IT contractor formally starts.

But Torres remains unfazed despite all the allegations being thrown her way.

She is well aware that she has done nothing wrong and she is optimistic that she would be vindicated in the end.

She knew that the attacks against her were offshoots of the recent leadership squabble within the Stradcom Corp. in which she was also dragged unwittingly.

Torres was even optimistic that in the end it would be more beneficial on the part of the government as the controversial but secretive firm will be forced to disclose all its transactions with the agency to the public.

It is estimated that Stradcom Corp is earning no less than a billion pesos annually out of its services to the LTO.  Not bad for a company that started with a  measly P500 million capital and used to declare its office to be based in Bayambang, Pangasinan.

Therefore, it is no surprise that its top officials are engaged in bitter struggle to take full control of the highly” profitable” firm.

She was also thankful to the media for following up the developments on the issue although the news that were being generated by the controversy have tended to put her in a bad light.

“Although the media has been less kind on my person especially with the way they treat the news that emanate out of the issue, , I would not mind the same as long as it would redound to the benefit of the public” Torres said.

Assistant Secretary Torres likewise urged the media to instead focus on the contract as well as the various means by which Stradcom Corp. has been milking the public of their hard earned money through the so-called services that the IT firm is providing to the agency.

Knowing Secretary Torres I am confident that she would meet the challenges head on and not back away from them.

I just feel sorry for the spin masters of Stradcom.-Bobby Ricohermoso

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