45 protestors killed in Yemen

FORTY FIVE has been killed and 270 are wounded when unidentified gunmen fired at a rally in Sanaa City, the capital of Yemen.

The opposition expressed disappointment and saddened by the incident. They labeled this as massacre of innocent people who are expressing their views in a peaceful manner.

President Ali Abdullah Saleh denied that his troops were behind the shooting. This happened after Saleh declared a State of Emergency amid rising number of protestors asking him to step down.

U.S. President Barack Obama condemned the killings and urge Mr. Saleh to allow peaceful protests. He also said that Friday’s violence perpetrators must be held accountable.

Meanwhile, France demanded an end to attacks “by security forces and armed pro-government groups against people exercising their rights to free speech and demonstration” as per Reuters report.

“This is part of a criminal plan to kill off the protesters, and the president and his relatives are responsible for the bloodshed in Yemen today,” opposition spokesman Mohammad al-Sabri said.

Yemen Toursim Minister Nabil al-Faqih resigned in protest to the incident. Marjorie Dacoro

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