94 dead in Benghazi after attack

AT LEAST 94 were confirmed dead and several other were wounded after an attacked made by the people loyal to Col. Moammar Gadhafi at a rebel-controlled city of Benghazi according to a local doctor.

Dr. Khaled Mugasabi, a forensic pathologist who is the head of Jala Hospital in Benghazi said that they already issued 35 death certificates today, March 21, 2011.

“Yesterday we had about 50 (bodies of civilians and rebel fighters) and just today we issued about 35 death certificates,” pahayag ni Dr. Mugasabi.

The death toll in Libya will continue to rise because of the continuous offensive of the coalition forces in compliance to the United Nations Resolution No. 1973. The British government announced that the stormshadow missles came from their Tornado GR4 fast jets which is part of the coordinated coalition strikes against the military forces of Libya Leader Gadhafi.

A total of 40 bombs has already dropped by the US bombers at the different Libyan airfield to paralyzed the air force of Libya.Marjorie Dacoro

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