A fate deserved

IT WAS ALMOST midnight on March 21, 2011 when our House of Representatives voted to approve House Res. No. 1089 calling for the IMPEACHMENT of Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez (“MG”) for BETRAYAL OF PUBLIC TRUST (Art XI, Section 2, Constitution).

For its decisive, if compelling, vote (212-in favor, 46-against with 2 abstentions), the House of Representatives has somewhat redeemed itself from the unpopular impression it earned over the years: a house of crocs more obsessed with “forking” PDAFs and accompanying perks.

Rumors were rife, days before the House plenary voting, that certain quarters were moving heaven and earth to rescue the embattled MG. Among them is the “powerful” Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC) whose profound religious imparting has been seriously beclouded by its DICTATORIAL INFLUENCE over its flock during elections.

The eventual vote turnout at the House, though, squealched  such rumors. I can imagine Rolando Mendoza (remember the hostage-taker?) now grinning from ear to ear in his grave. He claimed to be an MG victim.

Truth is, the six (6) causes of action that constitute the articles of impeachment against MG is but the ‘tip of the iceberg’ if an honest-to-goodness inventory were to be done of complaints that she has either intolerably sat for long, debilitating/agonizing years or “WRONGLY” disposed of to accommodate patrons/allies/friends, or (who can ever tell), for “MO-NETORIOUS” considerations.

Hundreds of other cases, majority of them involving plundering and abusive local elective officials – have been gathering dust in the files of MG and/or her subalterns who, of course, act under her direction, control and supervision.

The battle against the Ombudsman is only half-won, though. The next/ultimate level – the Senate trial – is yet to commence.

There are nasty speculations MG may avert the Senate trial.

She is said to have been lately telling comfort-zone pals how her battered self-esteem has been making her feel increasingly worthless and how her disap-pointment is gradually deepening into despair.

Now, Merceditas Gutierrez is supposedly contemplating on RESIGNING!

No, Madam Ombudsman, please don’t resign.

Don’t deprive an ecstatic Filipino nation of that rare/historic opportunity to know the whole truth – or lack of it – about how you bastardized the Office of the Ombudsman since you rose to its helm in 2005.

Face the Senate trial! Alex ‘Rapido’ Almario

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