Court hears Go’s TRO for Romasanta in PKF case

YESTERDAY (March 28), Judge Danilo Buemio of the Pasig Regional Trial Court, Branch 265, heard the evidences presented by Philippine Karatedo Federation (PKF) president Go Teng Kok in support of his request for the issuance of a temporary restraining order (TRO) to restrain the Philippine Olympic Committee (POC), its President Jose Cojuangco, Secretary General Stephen Hontiveros and erstwhile PKF Deputy President Jose Romasanta, from implementing their unlawful order ousting Go as president of the PKF and installing Romasanta as his replacement.

Through his lawyer Sammy Estimo, Go showed to the Court the violations committed by Romasanta in assuming the leadership of the PKF through an alleged resolution signed by only 10 members out of the 22 directors of the PKF General Assembly, where three of these directors later withdrew their support for Romasanta and pledged their vote of confidence for Go.

Go also told the Court that the alleged meeting held by Romasanta at the POC boardroom was invalid because under the PKF Constitution, only the NSA President can call such meeting.

The current PKF president further informed the Court that he was denied due process because he was not given the opportunity to defend himself pursuant to the bylaws of the PKF.

Go likewise bewailed the action taken by the POC in installing Romasanta as his replacement because the PKF constitution does not provide for the succession by the Deputy President of an ousted President. Their onstitution calls for an election by the General Assembly members to fill up the vacated post.

Romasanta had already resigned as Deputy President and hence, no longer had the right to take over from Go.

“In ousting Go as PKF President and installing Romasanta as Acting President, respondents violated all the pertinent rules of the PKF constitution and threw out the window all considerations of fair play and due process,” said Edward Ponce, the present Secretary General of the PKF.

“I am hopeful that the Court will issue the TRO if only to restore the rule of law and due process in Philippine sports,” commented Estimo.

The Court will promptly resolve Go’s application for a TRO and had scheduled the hearing on the Prohibiton and Mandamus on April 18. Liberty Icao

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