De Lima an angry woman

JUSTICE Secretary Leila de Lima insists that Senator Ping Lacson should reveal his whereabouts during the time he was being hunted down by agents of the Department of Justice, the Bureau of Immigration (BI), the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) and the Philippine National Police (PNP) which is incidentally under the Department of Interior and Local Governments (DILG).

On the contrary, Mrs. De Lima herself should explain to the citizenry and the whole world for that matter why she and her people, even with the held of the PNP, had failed to locate where Lacson had been during the 13 months that they were hunting him down despite a Court of Appeals resolution acquitting him of murdering Salvador “Bubby” Dacer and driver Emmanuel Corbito whose bodies are still to be found.

The burden of proof is not on Lacson but on de Lima for she is the one accusing him of evading arrest when a warrant of arrest issued by a regional trial court was quashed by the Court of Appeals.

Why should Lacson now reveal to everyone where he was?  Was Senator Gregorio Honasan also required to present an evidence to show where he was while he was in hiding?

Let us not also forget that all those who accused Lacson of murdering Dacer and Corbito had miserably failed to discover their bodies, or corpses.

To say the least, Mrs. De Lima was ungentlemanly to Lacson when she challenged him to explain how he was able to hop from one country to another with a canceled passport, saying the senator “owes it to the country.”

De Lima also owes it to the country why despite the expenses and man hours devoted to arrest Lacson she had miserably failed to send him to jail.

She claimed Lacson’s ability to move without a passport challenged the integrity of government institutions which had been ordered to arrest him. If that is the case, de Lima should run after the new secretary of foreign affairs who had been all too quiet during the controversy. Raul Valino

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