Filipino priest in Libya suggests alternative evacuation site

A FILIPINO Catholic priest based in Libya has proposed to the Department of Foreign Affairs an alternative site to evacuate  Filipinos affected by the ongoing conflict in Libya.

Fr. Allan Arcebuche of the San Francisco Catholic Church-Caritas in Tripoli, Libya who has been spearheading community efforts for the safety and evacuation of OFWs in Libya has suggested an alternative evacuation site that is relatively peaceful and more accessible.

Arcebuche proposed that OFWs be evacuated also to a site in Sirte City where there is an airport and a seaport. He said that the site is more accessible to OFWs from Jalo, Jufrah, Zellah Sebha and is also nearer Misurata, Sletin and Al Khoms than Tripoli and Benghazi.

He said that this proposed alternative has better chances of bringing in more OFWs from cities and towns where they are mostly located.

According to Gina Esguerra, Migrante International secretary-general, Arcebuche tried to forward said proposal to Office of the Undersecretary for Overseas Workers Affairs (OUMWA)-DFA Exec. Dir. Ricardo Endaya but he was met with hostility.

Gov’t asked to bare plans for returned OFWs

In light of thousands of OFWs expected to come back to the Philippines over the next few days, Esguerra also asked what the Aquino administration has in store for returned OFWs.

“Hindi sasapat ang P10,000 na reintegration training package na ipinagmamalaki ng DFA at OWWA. Ang kailangan ng ating mga kababayan ay trabahong nakabubuhay at may katiyakan. ”

On March 3, returned OFWs from Libya, Jeddah, Saudi, Madagascar and Taiwan will troop to Mendiola Bridge to demand job generation and the junking of the Aquino administration’s labor export policy. D’Jay Lazaro

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