Forced evacuation for OFWs in Tripoli

A forced evacuation is a must for the OFWs in Tripoli, Libya. This was the statement made by Labor Attache Nasser Mustafa.

There are 2,000 OFWs who are still trapped in Tripoli and feared to be affected by the recent bombardment of the allied forces lead by France, Britain and United States. This come after implementing the United Nations resolution declaring a no-fly zone in the country and immediate protection of innocent civilians even by use of military force.

A filipino priest in the name of Fr. Allan Archebuche who is based in Dahara is helping facilitate the repatriation of some OFWs in Libya according to Mustafa.

The DFA is also conducting head counts on how many are willing to join a bus going to the Tunisian border which is the only exit point of the country. Marjorie Dacoro

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