INC warns members against becoming drug mules

THE Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC) issued a pastoral letter on Sunday which warns its members across the world against becoming “drug mules” or those who smuggle drugs to other countries.

In light of the harmful effects of illegal drug trafficking, an advisory was received by the INC Central Office from the Philippine Information Agency-National Capital Region (PIA-NCR) about government’s anti-drug courier program.

In its pastoral letter, the INC hierarchy urged its members not to use poverty as an excuse to be involved in the illicit drug trade as it warned them that mules or couriers are offered juicy compensation, free travel and sometimes promise of marriage for women by international drug syndicates.

Members were also told to be righteous and always look to God for true fulfillment and source of strength so as not to be sweet talked with promises of wealth by the drug syndicates.

The INC leaders also advised its members to support government efforts in addressing the immediate resolution of drug-related crimes.

Earlier the PIA-NCR, headed by Regional Director Riza Baldoria, disseminated anti-drug related information to various religious, socio-civic organizations and the barangays as part of the government’s drive to address the ‘drug mules’ issue and to prevent the further victimization of Filipinos by international drug

The advisory warns of the modus operandi being used by drug-trafficking syndicates and advices Filipinos traveling overseas not to accept packages which they suspect to contain drugs.

The advisory also reminds the public about the stiff penalties imposed by other countries on anyone caught carrying illegal drugs including life imprisonment or death. Johnny F. Arasga

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