Lim stresses importance of chairmen in barangays

MANILA Mayor Alfredo S. Lim on Saturday, March 26, called on barangay chairmen to be vigilant about the happenings in their respective areas of jurisdiction.

He cited a barangay chairman in Tondo for reporting to his office and asking assistance on the plight of a 12-year-old special child who had been experiencing physical abuses in the hands of her mother.

Upon receiving the information from social welfare department head Jay dela Fuente, Lim directed the latter to coordinate with DSPU chief Maj. Nicolas Pinon and organize a rescue operation.

Dela Fuente said that when he, Pinon and Ng went to the victim’s house in Manuguit, Tondo, they found the child, identified as Marrianne Yadao and said to be autistic, naked and chained to the bed post, with feces all over her body and also the bed.

Immediately, Dela Fuente took protective custody of the child whom they brought to the city’s reception and action center where she is undergoing therapy to date after she was thoroughly examined and treated by Dr. Janet Tan, director of the Ospital ng Maynila.

In connection with this, the mayor urged all mothers in the city to take good care of their children, stressing that they did not choose to be born and that parents are duty-bound to look after their kids until they are ready to be on their own. Verlin Ruiz

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