Metro Manila slowly turning into a huge parking lot

I DON’T know how many people notice it, but Metro Manila is turning into a very irritating place to live in as most of its busy streets, particularly in Manila and Quezon City, are turning into a very huge parking lot for trucks, jeeps, cars and tricycles.

It is a worsening problem that no official or government office seem to mind, particularly the concerned local chief executives, the Metro Manila Development Authority, the DOTC-LTO, DILG and PNP, among others.

We can see almost daily many running, dilapidated or unserviceable cars, trucks and jeeps parked on the roadsides in many areas in the metropolis, particularly in Manila and Quezon City, and their numbers increase at night time when their “working class” owners/users return home.

Of course, those who are very much affected by the “thinning roads” in Metro Manila due to parked cars on the roadsides are the road users or vehicle owners themselves who have their own garage.

I understand that the number one LTO or LTFRB requirement, before an individual can purchase and register a vehicle, particularly those for public utility, is for the owners to have a garage. But the LTFRB and LTO do not check and mind them.

In many instances, some people, particularly those from the middle class, often buy second hand cars, even if they really don’t need them, except for status symbol. And they add up to the worsening traffic and parking situation in the country.

We can also understand the many unemployed people in the Metropolis who have resorted to buying or acting as drivers of tricycles, kuligligs or padyaks but they too should be thought of their responsibilities while on the road and when parking their vehicles.

It is not only in the Binondo, Sta. Cruz and Tondo areas that “irresponsible” tricycle, padyaks or kuliglig drivers exist. They are almost everywhere in the metropolis – not observing road or traffic discipline and parking their vehicles off the streets in disorderly manner.

In the case of public utility vehicles such as taxis, jeeps and tricycles that have their designated terminals or “pilahan,” their drivers are often abusive, undisciplined and do not practice road courtesy because they are emboldened by the “protection” they extend to the local MMDA or the nearest police community precinct.

Officials of every organized TODA (tricycle operators and drivers association), taxi and jeepney drivers association in Metro Manila who occupy a designated terminal gives out a regular “timbre” or protection money to the police and MMDA agents in their areas for their unhampered operation.

Somebody from the office of the mayors in Metro Manila and the concerned government offices should start thinking of how they could resolve the illegal parking problem in many of the
major thoroughfares in the region.


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