One more cop accused of rape still at-large

THE  DILG and the PNP needs an iron fist policy to cleanse its ranks of the so-called ICUs – inept, corrupt and undisciplined – supposed law enforcers who take the lead in breaking the law they have sworn to defend and uphold. Otherwise, breakdown in discipline among the police ranks would continue to rise.

While it is true that there were only a few of them, (the favorite line of response used by any sitting PNP chief), it seems they are emboldened to commit crimes because of the “due process” being extended them about their cases.

I think criminal and abusive cops don’t deserve true due process. They deserve swift justice, dismissing them from the police force ASAP if found guilty.

It’s unacceptable and unthinkable that we taxpayers’ pay for their uniforms, guns, salaries and yet they indiscriminately commit dastardly crimes against us.


Interior and Local Government Secretary Jesse Robredo was right in his observation that many of the hoodlum cops comes from the ranks of the police service’s lowest mammals, the Police Officers 1 to Police Officers 3, who are still in their rookie stages.

One of them, based on latest reports, is a police rookie from the QCPD identified as Police Officer 1 Rodrigo Bajog who was accused of rape by a female detainee in a police station in Libis, Quezon City last February 22. He had gone in hiding since then.

Bajog’s superiors say that aside from rape, he also has a case of malversation of government property when he allegedly pawned his service firearm; grave misconduct for reckless imprudence resulting in damage to property when he fled the scene after the patrol car he was driving hit a private vehicle; and taking a leave without the consent of his superiors.

I don’t know why Bajog’s superiors are keeping a blind eye on his past misdeeds and they still kept him in the force despite his criminal mind.  DILG and PNP officials concerned should relieve and file admin cases against the immediate superiors of Bajog for command responsibility, for allowing his men to go astray.


To avoid or eliminate the problem of police officers who turn scoundrels and criminals, some suggested that the PNP dig and improve the curriculum in police academies and training schools to help mold for the better a would-be officer’s mindset, attitude and character.

There must me strict implementation of its policy of making an erring police officer’s supervisors or police commanders responsible for the illegal acts of their subordinates.

And there must be swift justice applied against erring cops, say 30 days, to resolve their cases. If found guilty on the charges leveled against them, publication of their misdeeds should be encouraged as a deterrent or part of a shame campaign against would-be criminals in uniform.

If there won’t be iron fist policy to be imposed against erring members of the PNP force, no amount of transformation program would be enough to instill into the minds of all officers not to sully their uniforms and avoid the risk of destroying their careers and reputations.
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