Political dynasties (2)

ARTICLE II, Section 26 of the 1987 Constitution  in  part says: “The state shall guarantee equal access to opportunities for public service, and prohibit political dynasties xxx.” (Emphasis ours)

Indeed, the establishment of political dynasties became an effective way of monopolizing and perpetuating power in our country through the years.

We are not alien to this.

And the above-quoted provision was meant to be the leveling stick.

It COMMANDS the state to PROHIBIT political dynasties, to GUARANTEE to EVERYONE equal access to public office.

In short, to DEMOCRATIZE political power.

Just like what everybody else in the Moslem/Arab/Middle East countries is now seeking and dying for.

THE BIG TROUBLE, however, was that during the mentioned deliberations, some members of the CONCOM with obvious kinship with various political families/interest groups – pleaded with equal force in arguing that if we are truly a democracy, then the electorate should be left free to decide whom to choose for their elective officials/leaders.

The pro-political dynasty advocates in the CONCOM did not, of course, elaborate on the obvious: that our electorate  – with most of them belonging to the marginalized – can be BOUGHT, INTIMIDATED and/or MANIPULATED.

Foolish as it was, the pro-political dynasty argument struck an accommodating chord among the majority in the CONCOM.

This explains why the meaning of “political dynasties” has been left for congress to DEFINE in a pertinent legislation it may subsequently enact.

Hence, the continuation of the aforequoted constitutional provision which reads: “ xxx as may be defined by law.” (Emphasis ours)

The use of the word “may”  does NOT make mandatory the enactment of the suggested clarificatory anti-political dynasty law.

Which also explains why until now, NOT a single one in Congress has ever initiated/filed therein the suggested measure.

It is certain NO ONE will, in the immediate future.

For one obvious reason.

Except for most of the party-list members in the House of Representatives, every congressman invariably comes from a political dynasty/political family himself/herself.
And yet we have the temerity to brag that we ante-dated all people power movements and activities in the entire world!-Alex “Rapido’ Almario

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