Political dynasties

THE thrust of pro-democracy protests currently setting ablaze Moslem/Arab/Middle East countries is to put an end to oppressive one-man/one-family regimes.

Suddenly, our “Biblical races” – especially their youth – are agog over a governance aspiration that is  met with universal approval and cheers.

Everyone and everywhere else in the world seems to welcome the clear handwriting on the wall: the one-man/one-family rule is a regime that is fast withering away.

Such often despotic reign ought, of course, to be rendered extinct sooner than everyone anticipates.

History has proven it to be anti-people and susceptible to absolute abuse by the power wielders.

This one-man/one-family reign should, with more reason, be an ABSOLUTE NO in a country that PROFESSES  –  if not POSTURES or PRETENDS to be a DEMOCRACY.

Like our dear country, PHILIPPINES.

Curiously, not a few conscientious post-EDSA People Power leaders  shared our view.

One of them was former Constitutional Commission (CONCOM) Commissioner Rene Sarmiento.

Realizing the almost literal parallel to kingdoms, monarchies and one-man/one-family reigns of POLITICAL DYNASTIES across the nation, Comm. Sarmiento sought their exctinction by ‘architechting’  the inclusion in the 1987 Constitution of what is now Article II, Section 26 thereof  which  in  part reads: “The state shall guarantee equal access to opportunities for public service, and prohibit political dynasties xxx.” (Emphasis ours)

Indeed, the establish-ment of political dynasties became an effective way of monopolizing and perpetuating power in our country through the years.

We are not alien to this reality.

And the above-quoted provision was meant to be the leveling stick.

It COMMANDS the state to PROHIBIT political dynasties, to GUARANTEE to EVERYONE equal access to public office.- Alex ‘Rapido’ Almario

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