Time to pass RH bill

TRUE ARE the reports that some academicians and scientists are actually misusing their status and positions in waging a propaganda campaign against House Bill 4244 or the Reproductive Health bill?

The bill which is being deliberated in Congress has been getting a lot of bashing from its detractors spearheaded by the Roman Catholic Church.

The arguments of anti- RH bill are anchored on the claim that it is anti-life and the measure could promote sexual promiscuity especially among the young people and that it could lead to unwanted pregnancies and subsequently abortion.

Not contended with severe black propaganda, the anti- RH bill are reportedly even using their clouts and connections especially in those institutions where the Catholic Church has significant control and interests.

There are even reports that some educators opposing the RH bill were resorting to giving their students incentives, such as bonus points, to make anti-RH statements or engage in anti-RH activities.

If true, then this is worth looking into by those supporting the said legislative measure in as much as this tactic of “persuasion” certainly leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

No matter what the anti-RH bill would do to derail the passage of the measure, I personally believe that the said bill is a vital piece of legislation and its immediate passage would certainly benefit the people and the country as a whole.

For one, its passage would certainly lead to formulation of policies that will strengthen family relations and improve the health and well-being of mothers, children and even the heads of the families.

The reason being is that would empower couples and individuals to make responsible decisions in planning their families.

Likewise, the bill would pave the way towards achieving social equality, lessening poverty incidents and in the process improve national economic situation.

Given these solid arguments, I believe that it is high time that the RH bill which is long overdue should be passed. Bobby Ricohermoso

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