Workers to Aquino: Create decent jobs at home, stop sending workers to death

AS Filipino workers’ lives are put at risk in unrest-stricken countries, the Koalisyon ng Progresibong Manggagawa at Mamamayan (KPMM) Thursday urged the Aquino government to create decent jobs at home and stop its labor export policy.

“Due to lack of decent jobs and living wages, our workers are pushed to take risks in working in other countries amidst hazards and threats to their safety and security. Aquino should stop sending our workers in other countries where their lives are put in danger. He must instead create jobs and promote living wages within the country,” KPMM spokesperson Reden Alcantara said.

Labor export schemes have long been used by previous regimes to boast of growth in the country’s economy despite the government’s inability to create decent jobs. About 12% of the country’s GDP comes from OFW remittances while the lives of our workers are put at risk. KPMM described the country’s dependence on labor export in offseting the local economy’s weakness as a clear illustration of the government’s inability to provide for its own people.

As Aquino’s labor policy focuses more on job facilitation, rather than job creation, more and more workers are in danger of conflicts, calamities and persecution in other countries.

“After Libya, the wave of people’s resistance will sure to spread in more counties in the Middle East and North Africa. What will the government do, send our workers back to where their lives are in danger and just repatriate them when the need arises? It is the government’s key task to create decent jobs with living wages in the country, not pimp our workers to other countries,” added Alcantara.

“We demand that the Aquino administration stop putting our workers at stake just to rid itself of its duties to create decent jobs and cover up the lack of growth in the economy.  Save our workers, create decent jobs at home, stop labor export policy.”

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