Yemen: Pres. Saleh abolishes cabinet

ALL CABINETS of the Republic of Yemen had been dismissed by Yemen President Ali Abdullah Saleh, according to the statement of ruling party spokesman Tareq Al-Shami. All cabinets will hold on to their respective posts after a replacement is named, clarified by the spokesman.

This develop after the resignation of two cabinet officials in protest to the death of 52 protestors last week.

“The Embassy of the Republic of Yemen hereby would like to express its condolences and heartfelt sorrow for the loss of innocent lives,” read a statement released Sunday by the Yemeni embassy in Washington, D.C. “The perpetrators of this heinous act will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.”

The office of Yemen Chief Prosecutor is already conducting a thorough investigation with regards to the massacre of the 52 protestors in Sanaa City.

“Saleh should seriously consider a good, safe exit strategy to prepare the foundation in Yemen for a good transfer of power from him to the next authority or president”, in a statement coming from a senior ruling party member Mohammed Abulahoum.

Meanwhile, tens of thousands of rallyists conducted a peaceful protests outside of Sanaa University on sunday as media report. Marjorie Dacoro

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