Aquino can only blame himself

PRESIDENT Benigno Aquino III says his popularity rating is down because very few know about the good things he and his government have done for the country.

But granting it is so, what is President Noy doing to disseminate the good news? The best thing he can do is to fire his three Cabinet members in charge of information dissemination and hire a new group that can enhance his image.

Many people think the President is a do-nothing president who is more concerned with his new third-hand sports car, his string of girl friends and his sharp shooter friends.

We saw he behaved during the Luneta hostage crisis and we saw it too when suddenly he became mum about the jueteng expose of a former archbishop when his close friends in the Palace became involved in the issue.

President Noy may mean well and he may be as clean as can be but honesty alone will not make a president. People voted for him because they believed he was a leader.

If some people think otherwise, President Noy can only blame himself. He appears to be not a decisive leader but someone who would rather evade critical concerns such as graft and corruption, the growing number of the unemployed and the hungry and the politically dissatisfied citizenry.

Since he took over, promises of heads rolling in the Department of Education, the Department of National Defense, the Department of Interior and Local Governments, and, among other things, the Department Public Works and Highways, were nothing but empty promises.

Aquino lamented that his administration had failed to make it to the front pages of newspapers despite promises of a private company, the Atlantic Gulf and Pacific, to provide employment to Filipino workers in the amount of $10 billion in contracts.

So, the President is now blaming people who do not read the inside pages of newspapers for his low ratings.  “So we can’t blame those that have doubts… They don’t get to know. Perhaps, they don’t read the inside pages,” President Aquino said. Raul Valino

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