Condo scam (4)

WHEN a despondent Guia Evangelista made her last appeal  to CDC Realty, Inc., she was simply met with deaf ears, and eventually advised that her Unit # 105 had already been sold to somebody else. But that she could apply for a unit in ANOTHER CDC condo project, where all her amortization payments for her dream Unit # 105 in Danube Bldg., Rivercity Residences could be applied.

Ganun lang ka simple.

Poor Guia Evangelista!

She may have to eventually litigate against CDC before the Housing Regulatory and Land Use Board (HLURB)  which has jurisdiction over  cases involving such specialized type of issue.

For Guia, this could be a thorny battle in her quest for justice, given that she is just a David against probably a Goliath of a realty firm like CDC.

Can Guia, in the least, recover the total of what she had, thus far, paid in monthly amortizations? It might be even doubtful, considering that under the Maceda Law, that is only possible if the purchaser had paid a minimum of 24 monthly amortizations, before cancellation of the pertinent Contract to Sell.

According to Guia, Mr. Joseph Gregorio, who had already left CDC, had occasion to inform her that many other pre-paid condo unit purchasers of CDC are having similar problems as hers.

Question is: Is CDC  “cashing in” on this alleged/reported strategy it is dealing its condo unit purchasers with?  No one, for sure, can tell, at the moment.

But maybe, your guess is as good as mine.

Meanwhile, how many more are in Guia’s shoes in their dealings with OTHER condominium unit owners/sellers? How many more are ‘crying rivers’, so to speak, for huge earnings wasted by condo cons and dupers?

Their number could be quite substantial now, they could constitute a party-list group and get properly represented in the House of Representatives.

But before such miracle of representation happens, government, consistent with the social policy underlying the condominium law, should provide all conceivable assistance to people sharing  Guia’s predicament.
For,  Guia’s  problem is a real social issue. Alex Almario

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