Fooling the Filipinos and the Interpol

SENATOR Panfilo Lacson or anybody from his camp has failed to fully explain or disclose before the public on where he obtained the travel documents (passport) that he used to return home last March 26.

The honorable Senator claimed that he had gone to Hong Kong, Macau, Xiamen, and Guanshou but the consulates there denied ever issuing travel documents to him.

This prompted the Department of Foreign Affairs and the Department of Justice to seek an in investigation to determine that the Senator used fake travel documents in violation of the Philippine Passport Act.

He had purportedly presented a travel document issued by the Philippine consulate in Hong Kong with serial number 34258. But the DFA said that Phil. Travel Document with serial number 34258 has not yet been sent out to any particular post.

The government, right now, appeared to have clamped down in their efforts to find out how Lacson was able to travel abroad, evaded Philippine law enforcement agencies, and the Interpol where he was placed on the Red Notice List of international fugitives.

DOJ Secretary Leila de Lima said the Senator’s flight and his evasion placed in doubt the integrity of the Bureau of Immigration, the DFA, the NBA, the PNP and other intelligence agencies of the government.

Many believe that the Senator did not really leave the country and he just traveled from one place to another in Metro Manila, Southern Tagalog and Mindanao because there is no official order, in the first place, for the NBI and the PNP to look for him.

President Noynoy Aquino said he won’t stop De Lima from finding out who were the protectors of Sen. Lacson or how was he able to move from one country to another without a valid passport. When he returned last March 26 via Cebu, the Senator claimed he came from Hong Kong.

If the Senator managed to move from one country to another, he could have made a mockery of the capability of the Interpol to go after persons in their watch list and the Filipinos, particularly officials of the PNP and the NBI, whom he said were “always two steps behind him” while he is on the run.

Right now, I was informed that the Senator’s camp, including his lawyers, have opted to remain silent on the issue and has avoided the press until, maybe, after they have been able to invent another story regarding the mystery behind his travel documents.

Some of my friends from the PNP and the NBI say that what the Senator did, being a fugitive for 13 months and surfacing only after he had been able to “fix” his case before the Court of Appeals, has only emboldened others to do the same in the future.

“He has become an icon and idol of fugitives and would-be fugitives,” one of them said.


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