Malicious intent

DECLARED Archbishop Paciano Aniceto of Pampaga last Easter:

“Let’s pray for our congressmen, congresswomen and senators so that they and their families will be blessed by the Lord and they shall receive graces in understanding the irreversible consequences of the [RH bill] that is being tackled in Congress.”

It can be given that there are indeed congressmen and senators who are violators of the will of God and of the laws of men, but to specifically accuse them of being ignorant of the alleged consequences of the proposed reproductive health bill being pushed by lawmakers is getting too far.

The Catholic Church has always been presumptuous of what it knows of the Holy Bible so much so that what the church hierarchy teaches is taken with propensity and many times out of context to scare the faithful who are having second thoughts about their religion and about family planning.

Take the case of Lucena City, Bishop Emilio Marquez who also called on the faithful last Sunday to protect and defend the “unborn child” from being “killed” with the impending passage of the RH bill.

And also take the case of the Apostles’ Creed that the Catholic Church authored. There is nothing wrong about the creed, at first glance, because the apostles only declared their belief in God, but when the church leaders inserted phrases from the original Creed like “I believe in the Holy Catholic Church,” it becomes subject of scrutiny. It was self-serving, to say the least of the claim of the Catholic Church that it is indeed holy.

(There was no Holy Catholic Church when the 12 apostles (one of them hanged himself) conceived of the creed.)

It being holy, no one has to question the holiness of priests and their spiritual leaders in interpreting the act of God they being, at least, the archbishops and the cardinals, the sole interpreter.

That is very presumptuous indeed and may even be preposterous especially when priests like Archbishop Aniceto and Bishop Marquez contend that the proponent6s of the RH bill is like destroying family values and killing the unborn child. Raul Valino

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