Skyrocketing gas prices and toll fees (2)

TWO decades back, acquiring  a low-cost housing unit was deemed an intelligent decision/option, especially for young career couples.  It was a welcome escape from cramped apartment  units that proliferated like mushrooms around the Metro area.

The thought of owning their own house, while they themselves continue to earn their dough in the metropolis and send their children to standard schools/colleges, provided enormous sense of fulfillment/satisfaction to young working couples.

This drove them to work harder.

It didn’t matter that parents worked, on a Monday-through-Friday basis, because home-to-office/school travel time, even by public conveyance, was generally (then) less than an hour.

Plus, gas prices and toll gate fees (SLEX/NLEX) were literally chicken, too.
Well, times have vastly changed. Everything suddenly has become very, very expensive: fuel/gas prices, toll fees, food, books, plus current-day ubiquitous miscellanies, like the cellular phones!

These are damning day-to-day realities in the Big City and suburbs, compounded by a regularly monstrous, if debilitating,  traffic jams therein!

And we haven’t even considered yet the daily risks that lurk ahead from the criminal behavior of all species of skunks that abound everywhere else in the Big City vicinity.

In Las Pinas City where I reside, going to and coming from Manila has become a daily ordeal second only in intensity to what Jesus had to suffer in his trek to Mt. Calvary.

One-way travel time is a minimum of two (2) hours, mercilessly stretched over the past six (6) months by the Maynilad diggings that has become permanent as the human race!

Yes, I commiserate with the couple I was mentioning.

Theirs or rather, ours, indeed, is a huge tragedy that is waiting to happen.

The sad part is that while we have on hand a concededly alarming social concern, affecting, as it were, countless schooling and/or working citizens of this Republic, no immediate solution/relief appears to be in sight.

And yet, the rainy season – cum all the difficulties associated with it – is just around the corner.

Can our beloved PNoy be of quick succor? Alex Almario

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