The unholy week

THE unholy things Christians resort to during the Holy Week are not too few to mention, to quote the famous song.

From the beginning of Christianity, its leaders were ruthless in killing the so-called non-believers of Christ and the Catholic Chiurch, otherwise known as the pagans, in occupying lands that were not theirs like in the case of the Philippines during the Spanish era and subjecting the natives to crimes ranging from slavery to rape.

Holy Week or no Holy Week, crimes, political or otherwise, continue to persist so that the present Catholic Church, apparently perturbed, has not been remiss in reminding the faithful that Holy Week is not the time for vacation, for parties and beach picnics.

Praying is what the priests have been always telling the unfaithful faithful.

There are nice places where people can pray but I don’t know if God will suggest it. I am talking about the retreat houses being offered by nuns and priests.

Remember what Jesus said about going to the church to pray? He said it doesn’t matter where you pray but it would be better if you would pray in the privacy of your rooms?

Caleruega Philippines of Batulao, Batangas is a house of prayer and renewal. Facilities include the following

1.     The Kampo Arriba of Calereuga is also open for outdoor activities and exercises for a fee of P250.00 per head.

2.     Electronic equipment could be rented for a free such as: overhead projector (P200.00/day), TV (P500.00/day), DVD/ VHS (P500.00/day), Computer with LCD (P1,000.00/day).

The Center for Ignation Spirituality of Ateneo de Manila has a retreat in daily life program that provides spiritual guidance to men and women seeking God in their daily routine through guided prayer based on the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius.

The retreat begins at dusk of Holy Wednesday, and ends mid-day of Easter Sunday.  Program Cost: Php __  (inclusive of board and lodging and materials)

Mornese Center for Spirituality offers rates for students, P350 and for adults, P450.  Raul Valino

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