Dr. Elenita Binay “Dakilang Ina ng Bayan 2011” awardee

I WOULD like to congratulate our colleague, good friend and top society columnist Resty Vergara for instituting “DAKILANG INA NG BAYAN AWARDEES YEAR 2011” held recently at Muebles Italiano,  Magallanes Village,  Makati City.

Leading the list of “Dakilang Ina Ng Bayan ”  awardees is the First Lady of Vice President Jejomar Binay Dr. ELENITA BINAY, Congresswoman  CYNTHIA VILLAR with well-known philanthropists NONIE BASILIO, NINI VALDEZ,  MIMI VALERIO, NENE LEONOR, CHIT SALUD and Lion’s International Governor BABY BAYANI ORTIZ.

The same event was also an occasion to celebrate Resty Vergara’s birthday in which he surprised everyone with an announcement of three ladies he chose “Women of Love and Compassion,” namely Atty. Manette Agbayani, Ms. Ana Sia and Geena Zablan.
Dr. Joni Dizon graciously co-hosted the event with dear friend Geena Zablan. So goes the celebrator’s eternal gratitude  to everyone who lent their precious time to be part of the historical event in bestowing recognition to the list of most distinguished mothers in the country. Cheers dear Resty to your most innovative event of the year!

Metro Bar gig for drunk driving

To strengthen the campaign against drunk driving, a recent gig was showcased at Metro Bar, West Ave., Q.C. in the direction by  Anthony V. Gedang with his son Aaron seeing through much of  the event to measure up to the desired objectives.
Drunk driving is   one of the major causes of road accidents and it is a criminal offense punishable by law, the full implementation of which however is perceived difficult  even by  the  enforcement agencies themselves.

Statistics show that driving home from parties under the influence of alcohol continues unabated. What better way to introduce a chewable tablet to hasten the ill-effects of alcohol  than in the mentioned  gig with the country’s top bands helping promote it.

According to Gedang, the tablet labeled Hang Out now in the market is an all-organic food supplement and health-enhancing. It freshens the breath and gives fast relief from the onset of incapacitating hang-over, while reducing one’s alcohol level by up to 70% in 40 minutes.
It flushes uwanted toxins fast, thus clearing both  mind and body and naturally helps one drive home safely back to his or her family from a bout of all- night socializing and heavy drinking.

Anthony Gidang who   is a serious multi-media artist and  renaissance man as well is the president and CEO of Biowish Technologies, one of his transnational multi-business establishments which is  most environment friendly.

One of his business concerns is aimed at making  industry stakeholders conscious of their  corporate social responsibility in abating the harsh impact of environmental degradation brought about    by industry practices that  eschew ethics on the country’s impact assessment measures.

If you ask me Anthony Gedang  is one personification of a businessman and a friend high on   social conscience score.

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