Kick Diokno Out Now!

ILLOGICAL and stupid are those who come out with shallow alibis just to avoid getting clobbered for his own follies and Bureau of Corrections director Ernesto Diokno seems to be not far from those.

And Justice Secretary Leila de Lima was right when she hints of imposing sanctions on him for the arrest of ex-Batangas Governor Antonio Leviste who also had his own silly excuse of going to a dentist in Makati City without securing a pass to leave his prison cell at the New Bilibid Prisons (NBP).

She’ll surely get her acceptance and satisfaction ratings soar much more if she makes true to her words for heads must roll and Diokno must lead the pack.

Agents of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) pounced on Leviste, who’s serving six to 12 years in prison for killing his long-time friend and aide Rafael de las Alas on January 2009, outside the LPL building in Makati which he reportedly owns.

Whatever Leviste’s alibis other than seeing a dentist outside his own building, he must be held accountable for making a mockery of law. Nevertheless, there are more BuCor and NBP officials who should be made responsible and Diokno must not be spared that’s if P-Noy is really serious in leading a righteous path.

If reports are true that it’s not the first time that Leviste left prison without a pass, well, it only shows how some crooked prison executives give preferential treatment to these so-called high-profile detainees in exchange for huge considerations. What’s on your mind is as good as mine.

Many believe and that includes me that there are more similar cases happening inside the national penitentiary. We’ve been reading news about big-time prisoners who are into illegal drugs activities right at the noses of these “honest and vigilant” prison guards and officials.

Certainly, there are more Levistes at the NBP who can freely roam outside their prison cells and yes outside the Bilibid reservation area. Thanks to their “super accommodating” guards who make things possible just to satisfy the whims and caprices of these detainees who obviously are buying their freedom.

Of course, no one from Diokno’s association and Diokno himself who’ll admit irregularities inside as they all come clean and uncorrupted. Huh, tell it to the Marines.

Now that the good BuCor chief is saying he couldn’t effectively monitor every movement of over 32, 000 detainees under his control, so he’s short of saying that there are others who are like the former Batangas governor which of course he would refute unless caught red-handed like this one.

In an apparent attempt to calm down the hostile situation, Diokno was said to have gone to the justice department where he met an official with administrative supervision of the prison facilities and where he vows to file charges of evasion of service of sentence against Leviste. Really!

It’s just plain and simple for not stupid persons. If you can’t handle your charge effectively, get out quickly so that you will not make matters worse to the already declining ratings of P-Noy.

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