LP in Caloocan on the Rocks?

P-Noy’s Liberal Party mates at the local level specifically at the Sangguniang Panlunsod in Caloocan are demonizing themselves this early with the aldermen who are after the head of their presiding officer, Vice Mayor Edgar “Egay” Erice, whom they accused of premature political maneuverings. They didn’t only want him suspended they’re quite madder this time, they want him ejected from the ruling party.

Councilors Ramon Te and Chito Abel had earlier filed a resolution seeking the nod of their colleagues to suspend Egay from the local chamber for at least two months as a consequence for his alleged early politicking which in the way, they said, supplanted his duties and responsibilities as city official.

They insist that Erice whom they blamed for derailing the passage of several proposed measures aimed to benefit the city folks has no further business staying at the council for he’s only doing nothing but sullying the image of their party.

Determined to gain P-Noy’s go-signal to kick Erice out of the administration party, the two councilors are confident they can be able to muster enough support from other Sanggunian members to get him suspended as they don’t want him to do any more damage to the city council and to the party as well.

“He must be suspended and he must be removed from the roster of the Liberal Party and we are confident that the President will listen to our plight against the vice mayor whose detrimental antics particularly his habit of walking out and halting sessions without giving any valid reason have derailed vital proposed ordinances and resolutions in the council,” Te and Abel said.

The two had enumerated several “disorderly acts” they claimed Erice had committed during council sessions which they said were sufficient grounds for his suspension and eventually ouster from the ruling party.

But the vice mayor appears unfazed. Egay says their claim of early politicking is their cup of tea not his as he pointed to numerous streamers and tarpaulins posted all over the city bearing their names in the guise of greeting people and graduates, etc.

He’s even challenged them if they can have him the gall to boot him out from P-Noy’s LP. “Tingnan ko kung kaya nila ako tanggalin,” Erice dares in his text message.

In trying to suspend him from the council, Egay has this to say to the local legislators:   “Just do it.”

A former congressman, Egaybelieves that he did nothing wrong as council’s presiding officer as he insists that his actions during sessions were all in order as he was fully aware of the so-called parliamentary procedures since he had also been a councilor for years.

The First Among LGUs

In trying to be the first among local governments in Metro Manila, Caloocan City Mayor Recom Echiverri announces that he has ordered the immediate release of funds for the regular employees’ mid-year bonuses.

According to the mayor, who is concurrent national chairman of the League of Cities in the Philippines, the early release is a way of recognizing their continued hard work which vastly contributes to the city’s ever-improving economy.

It is expected that the city hall workers—most of whom are parents putting their children through school—will get their hands on their bonuses before the opening of classes, meaning that they would have the opportunity to buy school supplies for their kids. Arlie Calalo

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