Manny should knock CBCP out

IT is interesting to note how an explosion of interest has  been generated by boxing icon Manny Pacquiao’s  surprise entry into the RH Bill fray.

The Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (“CBCP”) has just found in the Pambansang Kamao a gem of an ally when it succeeded in coaxing the latter into openly embracing its strong opposition to the proposed measure.

Even before plenary deliberations on the bill officially opened this week, the CBCP has already flaunted its uncompromising opposition thereto. It even went as far as  threatening to lead the catholic flock in CIVIL DISOBE-DIENCE (refusing to pay taxes), if only to drive home its point. Albeit, it eventually cooled down on this bluff when  an unintimidated Pre-sident Aquino dared its  leaders to try him.

On May 19,  CBCP formally communicated to Malacañang about its ‘closing all its doors’ to participating in future discussions on the issue. Game is over, as far as discussions are concerned.  To it, the next best thing now is to let the people  realize that  the RH Bill is not a responsible parenthood measure, contrary to what its authors/adherents portray the same, but one against God’s basic command for the human race to propagate; that it violates

God’s divine law and the Constitution as the bill, in fact, encourages/permits  abortion;  and that it will not help government in its fight against poverty.

This is exactly the position the CBCP conditioned Manny Pacquiao’s mind with, and  what  the boxing champ has embarrassingly/awkwardly mouthed to media reporters and in congress.

While many do not doubt Manny’s extraordinary  skills and  generalship atop the turf he rose to international pro-minence from – the boxing ring – an equal number, however,  question the Pacman’s cognitive faculties and learning acumen to be able to fully grasp, and much less convincingly champion, the church’s opposition to the RH Bill. (To be continued)

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