Mayor Herbert patuloy na iniintriga

SOME are saying that actor turned politician Herbert Bautista is allegedly doing nothing to solve the major problems that plague Kyusi these days. He is just a “mechanical robot” of the former administration of now Congressman Sonny Belmonte, so says his detractors.

But all this are just accusations coming from the opposition. Might be a lame excuse pero ‘yon ang totoo.

We happened to talk to Mayor Bistek’s younger sister, Harlene, and she told us how hardworking his brother has always been and that he’s  indeed a 24/7 working person.

Sabi pa nga ni Harlene, Mayor Bistek is a silent worker at dine-deadma na lang daw ng ama ng Kyusi ang mga patutsada sa kanya ng kanyang mga kalaban.

For now, his priority is to attend to the city’s problem and give solutions to it and if possible, attend to it personally na siya namang ginagawa ngayon ni Yorme.

Just recently, Harlene and her hubby, Romnick Sarmenta with some groups from the Kyusi City hall had convened to plan and organize the birthday celebration of Mayor Bistek.

It was not a gargantuan event pero nairaos naman ‘yon ng maayos, ayon sa balita.

Aside from Harlene, Hero is also working silently to help his brother kaya lahat sila ay nagtutulung-tulong nang tahimik para bigyan ng solusyon ang mga problema ng Kyusi.

Kung ganu’n, everything is fine and may your tribe increase Mayor Bistek, para gayahin ka rin ng iba pang mga public servant na deadma sa mga naninira at patuloy na nagtatrabaho for the good of the majority.


Nababaliw na ba si Ana Capri?

FOR approximately 30 minutes, this former sexy star and award-winning actress was seen staring at nowhere at the sidewalk of Sapphire Street in Ortigas Center.

Without any make-up on and any artificial coloring on her face and her hair in “disarray,” she reminded us of former Manila Councilor and comedienne Cita Astals who was said to be roaming around the Metro Manila area talking no one in particular but to herself. (Hahaha! How pathetic can you get! -Ed)

This former sexy star was outfitted in an untidy shirt and loose jogging pants. After a while, she walked towards the mall area of Ortigas as if everything was in a state of normalcy.

I’m just wondering whatever has happened to the vanity and glamour of her face that was very much evident way back the early 90’s? Yes, she is not that fat and flabby but from the looks of it, some knots have been loosened up that need to be fixed right in her head.

Sayang, says one of our colleagues in the writing business.

She is, admittedly, one of our finest actresses kasi on TV and in the movies and she has already proved her worth by way of winning several acting awards for the past few years.

Months back, we used to see her on teevee doing a couple of teleseryes but all this have done nothing to help her slowly fading in the sunset movie career.

Whatever has happened to this former alaga of talent manager Jojo Veloso?

Hay, sayang talaga itong si Ana Capri kung matutuluyan ang kanyang pagiging luka-luka!


TITA Fanny Serrano is nominated as Best Actor para sa upcoming Star Awards for Movies ng Philippine Movie Press Club (PMPC) para sa kanyang indie film na “Tarima.”

Just a backgrounder, TF (as his friends fondly call him) gave veritable justice to the role of a gay who fell in love with an inmate.

Yes, it’s a pink movie but the many love scenes between TF and his lover Roky Salumbides have been executed by its director  Buboy Tan in good taste and he’s  been able to capture the shots so well to the point na hindi ito ikahihiyang panoorin ng mga tunay na lalaki at pati na rin ng mga babae.

Hindi rin malaswa ang pagkakaganap dito ni TF as a gay lover and in fact, ipinagmamalaki niya ito sa kanyang Christian group na eventually ay inendorso ring panoorin ito ng mga tao.

TF already grabbed an award for this movie on other award-giving bodies and who knows, baka makuha ulit niya ang trophy bilang best actor sa upcoming awards night ng PMPC this coming June kaya goodluck TF!

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