Pacquiao: His limitations (2)

LET’S snipe at politician Manny Pacquiao. It’s now open book how his ‘alipores’ succeeded in coaxing him into running again for congress somewhere in Mindanao, after getting a sound trashing from a lady foe in Cotabato, the first time he did it in 2007.

The first time around, a discerning Mindanaoans (from Cotabato) COR-RECTLY rejected Manny’s bid because he did NOT fit for congressional chore. But with part of Manny’s accumulated prize purse, he snatched the represen-tative slot not in Cotabato but in Sarangani, and in a congressional district,  after reportedly doling out P10,000/per voter.

The tragedy,  just in case you didn’t  know  yet,  is that Pacquiao  is literally a ‘square pig in a round hole’ in the House of Representatives, NOW.  Keen observers say Manny projects the ultimate TRYING-HARD type, and that every Pacquiao dash thru the alleys of the plenary and committee rooms does not fail to elicit a silent, if sarcastic, grin from every spectator.

The Pacman is simply NOT cut out for congressional responsibilities. National legislation is not simply being able to procure fleets of ambu-lance and/or firetruck to one’s represented district. It takes a lot, lot more, including, primarily, active participation in plenary/committee deliberations. Like, trading knowledge, wits and rhetoric ability with the likes of a Rep. Rudy Farinas, Rep. Neil Tupas, Jr. or Rep. Edcel Lagman in the now-historic impeachment proceedings against Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez.

Manny had  to visibly skip that part of legislative work, for his obvious incompetence in that kind of exercise. To be certain, he does not have the basic tools –  the command of language, educational background,  knowledge and parliamentary ability, included –  to be part of that elite group.

Team Pacquiao should stop hallucinating! They should, instead, help Manny bring back his feet to the ground, and realize his limitations. One may succeed in one, two or even three undertakings. But he can’t win them all. Let Manny continue to be king of  boxing.

Period.  Beyond that, I’m afraid, may be to dream the impossible, and INCREDIBLY UNACCEPTABLE, thing.

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