Pacquiao: His limitations

BY THE TIME this piece found print, the planet’s best pugilist ever, Filipino Manny ‘Pacman’ Pacquiao, must have demolished USA’s Sugar Shane Mosley to retain the former’s WBO welterweight crown.

I have always felt, as  probably most Filipinos did, that every Pacquiao ring conquest was always one powerful moment to relish being a Pinoy.

In my book, no one has achieved and given greater glory and honor for his country and people than the Pacman. Pacquiao  is destined to be a good copy. An eternal success story worth all the hallelluhias and inspiration/emulation of kids across the universe who believe they have the makings of  the ring icon. There’s just one thing for concern in the crafting of a truly credible Manny Pacquiao story: the irreversible delusion of his handlers/those around him to stretch Manny’s dominance beyond what his extraordinary physical prowess and ability could encompass.

Manny’s coterie of ‘twu-tsuwas’ have long been turning every Pacquiao victory into illusion. And it is amazing how somehow these ‘leeches’ have succeeded, aided by the seeming acquiescence of tolerant quarters, including the media.

Pacquiao’s ‘alipores’ don’t want Manny to just be a boxer. Even if he’s the Greatest in his craft. They want their idol – who appears to have been slowly carried away too – to also be a rockstar, matinee idol, businessman and super-politician, all at the same time!

Let’s snipe at politician Manny. It’s now open book how his ‘alipores’ succeeded in coaxing him into running again for Congress somewhere, after getting a sound trashing from a lady foe, the first time he did it in 2007.

The first time around,  discerning Mindanaoans from Cotabato CORRECTLY rejected Manny’s bid because he did NOT fit for congressional chore. But with part of Manny’s accu-mulated prize purse, he snatched the representative slot not in Cotabato but in Saranggani, and in a congres-sional district, after reportedly doling out P10K/per voter.

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