Paradigm shift

REPORTS that President Aquino is keen  on  reaching  out to opinion-makers in a more cordial and rather exclusive ambience  is certainly a pleasant surprise.

It is paradigm shift in traditional presidential thinking in the sense that   no previous President  had ever viewed  such kind of urgency.

PNoy’s resolve, if Presidential Spokesperson Ed Lacierda were to be believed –  stemmed from the President’s recent  laments, i.e., (a) the critical treatment by some columnists of his and his official family’s acts; and (b) the failure of his communications team to ironically communicate, resulting in its failure to spread “the good news”. Per Secretary Lacierda, the confluence of these two factors explains the marked dip in the President’s net satisfaction performance rating.

PNoy’s reported inclination to dialogue with our opinion-makers should be good occasion to rejoice. It provides  clear evidence that in this part of the world, we have a presidency that listens to – rather than declare war with – critics/detractors.

It confirms beyond cavil of doubt, too,  the untrammeled  exercise of protected speech, which is constitutionally- guaranteed  (Art. III, Sec. 4) every citizen,  in this republic.

This space hastens to assume that the pool of opinion-makers the President likes to rub elbows with is not limited to the handful who write for the more popular Manila-based broadsheets  that Sec. Lacierda and not a few cabinet men love to  confine their daily reading to.

That would be unpardo-nable secularization – which could backfire, because our catena of opinion formulators are spread far and wide. This group of eyeopeners and catalysts includes

our fierce tabloid opinion-writers and scores of broadcast blocktime com-mentators scattered ac-ross the nation.

Our tabloid writers are not lumped up in Metro editorial desks alone. We have long-running regional and provincial tabloids/newspapers whose respective opinion writers have long been viewed as icons by readers (predominantly the masa) in their respective areas. (To be continued)

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