Protected property (2)

MANOLO “Boy” Alcasabas, who represent the Alcasabas siblings, lament that they are in continuous possession (thru their designated Katiwala) of their inherited piece of property and have been religiously paying updated realty taxes thereon.

But their desire – consistent with their late mother’s wish – to maximize the land’s agricultural potential not only for their own gain but to be of help to LGU-Sta. Maria, Laguna (not Bulacan as earlier mentioned) in terms of  pertinent taxes to be paid,  is   helplessly frustrated by the ever-growing colony of illegal settlers on sizeable portions of their indicated property.

Most of these settlers, Boy narrated, have appropriated their occupied parcels for residential purposes. Others  devote  their  “invaded territory”  to  crops,  sharing not a single cent of the proceeds to the landowners. And some even had the gall and temerity to sell, without the Alcasabases’ knowledge and much less consent, their occupied portions to innocent third persons.

Mr. Alcasabas and his siblings exerted painstaking effort and devoted precious time to talk things
out with their squatters. The Alcasabas heirs even went as far as proposing to the latter a
feasible own-the-lot rental concept, with substantial return of accumulated rentals if “tenants” dutifully paid their dues by the end of the stipulated term.

All to NO AVAIL, though.

The last-recorded effort of the Alcasabas heirs was writing then Sta. Maria Mayor Josie Almario-Cuenta (2009) and her successor, Mayor Antonio Carolino (2010), pleading for the inclusion of the former’s squatters in the Municipality’s list of qualified beneficiaries in GMA’s Community Mortgage Program (CMP).

The CMP incidentally was a social housing program that awarded residential lots to qualified beneficiaries thru a sale-with-mortgage scheme.  The LGU where the lots are situated initially advanced  their cost, subject to  reimbursement  by the national government. The beneficiaries, in turn, were to remit installment payments to  the latter.

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