Working for the People

WE may be always critical to others sometimes regardless of the issues we’re tackling, just for the sake of censuring, we condemn, we lash out, that’s fine.

Nevertheless, we shouldn’t be tightfisted and would rather be candid enough to extol anyone including those in the government who can be able to demonstrate what public service is all about.

Well like this one, I can’t help giving high five to some key officials under the administration of Quezon City Mayor Bistek Bautista who in the past weeks had been preoccupied in conducting city-wide operations, apprehending and penalizing, left and right, violators of existing laws and ordinances specifically those that shortchange the buying public just to rake in profits out of deceit.

The youthful mayor is damn lucky that he has action men like City Administrator Vic Endriga and City Treasurer Edgar Villanueva who led city hall personnel in swooping down on public markets where they caught red-handed more than a hundred vendors with similar number of defective and unregistered weighing scales.

According to Endriga and Villanueva, the simultaneous operations are not designed for tax collection purposes. “What we are doing right now is to ensure the protection of QC residents from illegal acts by some unscrupulous businessmen.”

Armed with the order from Bautista, the duo surprised at least two gas stations – the Flying V in Mindanao Avenue and Caltex Station in Barangay Greater Lagro – which they closed after they’ve found short-selling fuels to customers due to defective fuel pumps.

Endriga says: “In the midst of unstoppable increasing trend of fuel prices in the market, the city government remains committed in ensuring that fuel consumers buying in fuel stations are safe and protected against defective fuel pumps causing short-selling.”

Imagine if these crooked traders were not caught by these determined public servants, they’ll certainly continue cheating the public and since they’re unscathed they’ll thrive and the hapless consumers are sure losers in the end.

Mid-year Bonuses

In nearby cities of Navotas and Caloocan, nearly 3, 000 workers are rejoicing because their respective mayors have ordered the immediate release of their mid-year bonus right on time for the school enrolment.

According to Navotas Mayor John Rey Tiangco, some 1, 240 employees will get their bonus without delay. “We want to help our city hall employees to avoid the school opening rush and to cope with the expected increase in the prices of school supplies as the school opening draw near,” he says.

Similarly, some 1, 644 Caloocan workers, according to Mayor Recom Echiverri, will receive their mid-year bonus, while others from other local governments do not, as recognition of their continued hard work which contributes vastly to the city’s ever-improving economy.

Let others follow suit, lowly-paid government workers need every single centavo of their hard-earned salary for their families’ sake especially during hard times. Arlie Calalo

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