A pat in the back for an ex-president who lost a daughter

EX-PRESIDENT Fidel Valdez Ramos devoted all his life as a soldier and later as a national leader. He gambled his life in many battle fields with only one objective.


This freedom he fought for in Korea and in the Philippines definitely included the Liberty of the Press.

Thus, when a man like him needs comfort, a medal of valor is not appropriate. A passionate pat in the back is.

With more reason that the National Press Club owes an ex-President the best expression of comfort when he is a man who has just lost an extraordinary daughter.

Thus, while the NPC condoles with the family over the loss of a prized daughter in Josephine “Jo” Ramos-Samartino, it is proud to give him one passionate pat in the back.

Indeed, it is also true to say, “like father, like daughter.”

The sportswriters members of the NPC definitely express thank to Jo Ramos for giving them joyous and inspiring moments when they wrote their pieces about her team’s odyssey to the Gold for the Philippine water skiing team in Southeast Asian Games of the ’70s.

The entertainment writers-members of the NPC cannot forget her kind of humble music that breathed life to front actors in any concert.

To Jo Ramos-Samartino, you did not die. Your legacy lives on!

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