AFP supports 4,535 students

THE Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) through its Educational Benefit System Office (EBSO) is currently serving a total of 4,535 grantees of educational benefit and scholarship to continuously help the military personnel and their dependents to secure a brighter future4,535

According to AFP Chief of Staff Gen. Eduardo S.L. Oban, Jr.: “As part of our non-conventional roles, the AFP is in a constant effort to help our personnel and their dependents as we seek to continuously provide a better education and a diploma for each soldier’s family.”

“Amidst the reported increase in tuition fees, it is expected from the Armed Forces to strengthen its educational benefits and scholarship program to help out those personnel and military dependents who are in need of educational assistance,” Oban said.

The AFPEBSO is one of the morale and welfare outfits of the AFP that grants educational benefits both to the military personnel and their dependents with the aim of assisting them to finish their education.

Oban also disclosed that with the support of different educational benefit programs from government agencies/ institutions, foundations, private individuals, non-government institutions and partner schools in all regions, AFPEBSO was able to help 1723 students finish their education from 2006 to 2011 in college alone.

In the same school years, AFPEBSO was able to assist college students to graduate with honors; a total of 42 were Cum Laude, seven were Magna Cum Laude and nine received special awards.

AFPEBSO, which was established in 2000, had been in close coordination with its donors to help assist its beneficiaries. Some of AFPEBSO’s donors are HERO Foundation, Bahay ni Angelo King Foundation, Salome Tan Foundation, Inc., Children’s Hour Philippines and Sapientes Milites Scholarship Foundation.

Oban added that the organization also recognizes the soldiers’ heroism, especially those who lay down their lives in protecting peace. That’s the reason why AFPEBSO gives priority to the orphans of Filipino soldiers who were killed in action. Verlin Ruiz


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