Di maalis ang kati kahit na nagkaanak na!

HAHAHA! How so very amusing naman ang eksena ng well-endowed na young sexy actor na to na rumored na isang bisexual. Hahahahaha! Imagine, ideal na sana ang set-up nilang dalawa ng isang equally hunky and young actor na feel na feel niyang kachurvahan kung hindi lang nagkaroon ng problema. Hahaha!

Dahil feel na feel nga niya ang gwaping na hunk actor na ang packaging ay kabarkada kuno niya, massage to the max ang AC/DC actor sa kanya prior to their sizzling eklaboom. Hahaha!

Ang kaso, naieskandalo nga ang macho hunk sa imposing size supposedly ng genitals ng kanyang “mama,” (Hahaha!) he had no choice but to let go of him.

Inasmuch as his “machismo” is not naman what you would call as small, it definitely becomes below par side by side with the endowments of the bi actor. Hahahahaha!

Kaya to avoid further embarrassment, the hunk actor has come to the somewhat hasty decision of putting an end to their kind of intimacy. Hahaha!

Anyway, the bi actor’s friends were so relieved and happy when he was able to impregnate an actress from the network both of them were working for.

Akala nila kasi, that would signal the change in his lifestyle and he would become a straight guy overnight. Hahaha!

How inordinately wrong they were.

Oo nga’t naging responsableng tatay naman siya but having a son was not enough to make him a real man overnight and forget the things that he had gotten used to.

Somehow, he still hankers for that lurid and quirky kind of excitement that another man fabulously elicits. Hahaha!

How gross! Hahaha!


Ang aning-aning at makyohong si Vavalina ang  kampon ni Marianita hahaha!

I HAVE this weird feeling na ang mga lukring na texter ko posing as dyed in the wool followers supposedly of Marianita ay iisang tao lang. And he’s none other than the smelly, ugly beyond belief and tukmulish Vavalina who’s still harboring some deep-seated resentments over the fact that I threw him out of our house barely a year ago for he was such an ingrate and a diabolically wicked vaklung as well.

Anyway, the devil’s encarnate faggot who stayed with us for more than twenty years  (he was eating like an anaconda, mind you….Hahaha!) hasn’t changed one bit. He’s still a despicable, evil-spewing creature who has nothing in mind but to destroy other people who have been able to help him out in the past.

No wonder, this fiendish creature is comparable to a wandering Jew. He doesn’t have a home, is perennially alone, and is being avoided like the plague by so many people.

Aren’t you wondering why no one seem to like you, dolt?

The answer is basically simple, a pig is a lot better than you are, Lola. At least it has a purpose. What about you? Hahaha!

You are going to die a miserable death and a pauper to boot and very much alone.

Hahaha! Yes, very much alone because no one cares for you, you old miserable dick-fellating ornery faggot. Hahaha!


Direk Cathy Garcia-Molina finds KC lovable & a joy to work with

LONG before she came face to face with KC Concepcion, box-office director Cathy Garcia-Molina candidly admitted to have been hearing some not-so-favorable things about her lead actress for the movie “Forever And A Day” under Star Cinema.

But working with the megastar’s gem has proved to be such an enriching experience.

“Like most of us,” the famed director intones, ” she’s also vulnerable and is easily gets hurt.

“In the movie, I have proven myself right,” she expostulates. “Tulad natin, taong-tao rin siya.”

“Judgmental kasi ang karamihan sa atin. But to know KC better is to really love her unconditionally.”

On Sam’s part, she says that she’s practically seen him grow into the sensible guy that he has become today.

Sam, according to Direk Cathy, contrary to the common belief that he’s basically a happy-go-lucky person also has his serious side that most people are not given the chance to see.

Kapag medyo seryoso ang eksena, mahirap siyang patawanin.

Doon nga raw sa isang heavy scene sa trailer, one-on-one raw muna sila sa gubat bago nag-take.

Nevertheless, it came out beautifully and she had no one to thank but Sam’s consummate professionalism.


Dahil sa bagong benefactor baka muling bomongga ang career ng flawless na aktres!

DAHIL sa walang anumang involvement, marami ang naniniwalang pretty soon ay muling magbu-bloom ang for a while ay natulog na showbiz career ng isang flawless na young actress.

Sa halip na mag-emphatize kasi sa tragic outcome ng kanyang soap, ginawa pang katatawanan ng working press ang nangyari.

But, darling, one of these days, baka gulatin na lang niya ang showbizlandia sa biglang pagbongga ng kanyang showbiz career.

If rumors are to be taken seriously, she is allegedly the new apple of the eye of this influencial lesbo at the network she’s working for and the moment she gives in to her sexual advances, her flagging showbiz career is definitely destined to have a most refreshing turn. Hahaha!

Well, not for anything else but she’s got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Look what happened to her when she decided to take a plunge on love headlong, did she ever benefit from it?

Hindi ba’t heartache city lang ang naranasan niya?

Maybe, being practical this time can do wonders to her ailing showbiz career.

Ano ba naman ‘yang cunnilingus? It’s basically enjoyable naman if you just put your heart into it, am I right, girl? Hahahahaha!

Besides, di naman siya mabubuntis so, go girl, go! Hahahahaha!

Another thing, knowing her to be an inveterate user, di kaya magkumahog ang ex niya once na mag-bloom na naman ang kanyang in the doldrums ngayong showbiz career?

Hahahahahahaha! I’m sure. Very, very SURE!


Gula-gulanit na ang show nina Bubonika samantalang No. 1 pa rin ang ‘The Buzz!’

HAHAHAHA! How pathetic naman si Bubonic. Wala na talagang pinatutunguhan ang mga shows na kasama siya sa TV5. This is not to say that the network is not giving her their all-out support. They are.

Ang problema talaga ay ayaw ng suportahan nang publiko si Bubunic, da Titanic lola. Hahaha!

Sa true lang, nahehelo (nahehelo na raw, o! Hahaha!) na raw sina Bubogita sa pagpapapalit-palit ng kanilang timeslots but hopelessly, to no avail.

To no avail daw, o! Hahaha!

Wawa naman! Hahaha!

Kung tigbakers na ang shows ni Bubog, super fab naman ang shows ni Kuya Boy Abunda sa ABS-CBN.

Hayan at wala pa ring makatalbog sa “The Buzz,” “SNN” at “The Bottomline” na mereseng madaling araw na ay pinanonood pa rin.

Ikaw na ang maging Kuya Boy Abunda, the unchallenged King of Talk.

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