Embattled BoC commissioner (2)

THE irretrievably corrupt Assessment Division-Bureau of Customs has a monthly take of P100 Million, one third of which go directly to the Office of the Commissioner.

The rest of the “sunshine” is spread to the last happy recipient – who could be an ordinary janitor.

From day one in office, Comm. Alvarez remarkably instituted reforms that have gradually began to reorient  personnel/employees perceptions, attitudes, values and work ethic.

This was complemented by an almost weekly filing of graft and related cases against port smugglers and their band of cohorts that include corrupt customs officials, unscrupulous business interest groups and shadowy politicians, and  a hugely increased revenue collection.

This has jolted countless whose shoes Comm. Alvarez had inevitably stepped on, and who lost no time in initiating and pursuing a ‘hate campaign’ against  him.

This group of detractors  is now moving heaven and earth to poison President Aquino’s mind into booting out  Comm. Alvarez from office.

I do not know Comm. Alvarez personally. But fair commentary has to give credit where credit is due.

And this smiley former owner of the Air 2l ball club  deserves a pat in the back for a solid,  patriotic performance, so far.

And by the way, my ever-reliable mole says vehicle smuggling in the south was very much in vogue BEFORE Comm. Alvarez’s watch of the BOC. He has, in fact, greatly REDUCED such occurrences.

His luck, though, is that while the recent carnapping reports  were, in truth, actually isolated incidents,  they were appended “celebrity attention” by the  reported  ownership of the stolen/smuggled items.

Not a very big deal really, compared to what  the BOC chief has so far done for the country, in terms of improved, transparent service and  augmented revenues.

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