Embattled BOC commissioner

JUST as everyone thought Bureau of Customs Commissioner (BOC) Angelito Alvarez has been doing quite well, thus far, the rumor mill suggests he may have to go anytime soon.

Commissioner Alvarez’s pain in the neck stems from the reported Presidential displeasure over reports of rampant vehicle smuggling in the south (Mindanao, more specifically).

Then President reportedly felt very embar-rassed intel on such caper had to come from US United States authorities.

PNoy finds it unimaginable how our Customs authorities in the south – who CLAIMED no knowledge about such incidents – could not have inceptually learned  about, and outright busted, the same when they were supposed to be the “watchdogs” of these vehicles.

But is this vehicle smuggling issue in the South so big a deal really as to justify outright leading the embattled BOC Commissioner to the  exit door?

In the interest of objectivity and fairness, this space has to rush to Commissioner Alvarez’s defense.

For reprise, we serialized a few months back a factually-anchored commentary on the systemic and institutionalized CORRUPTION at the BOC before Alvarez’s time.

Part of that running commentary was how his predecessors were UNABLE to resist the – among many others  – P30 million monthly payola from the Manila International Container Port (MICP) alone.

The irretrievably corrupt Assessment Division t BOC has a monthly take of P100 million, one-third of which go directly  to the Office of the Commissioner (OCOM).

The rest of the “sunshine”  is spread  to the last happy recipient – who could be an ordinary janitor.

From day one in office, Commissioner Alvarez remarkably instituted reforms that have gradually began to reorient personnel/employees  perceptions, attitudes, values and work ethic.  (To be continued)

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