Matabang birit ‘queen’ sobrang insecure sa gwaping na balladeer na tagong bakla ring tulad niya

HAHAHAHAHA! How so very amusing. On cam, this corpulent-looking birit ‘queen’ says nothing but the nicest of words to this hunky balladeer who is said to be the silent crush of this controversial talk show host primarily because of his well-contoured physique and superfab abs that’s the silent envy of most young men his age.

Dati-rati kasi, patpatin talaga ang pangangatawan ng balladeer na ‘to pero dahil sa sipag niyang mag-gym, in no time at all, he’s been able to achieve the kind of body that makes heads turn toward his direction every time he parades on the ramp half-naked.

Anyway, super inse (insecure mga ining…Hahahaha!) pala ang tabatsinang birit ‘queen’ na ‘to sa kakaibang arrive ng macho-looking (macho-looking lang daw, o! Hahahaha!) balladeer sa Asian entertainment scene kung saan minor sensation daw ito ngayon dahil sa kanyang nagmumurang six-packed abs. Hahahahaha!

Kung alam lang nila.

Kung alam lang daw nila, o! Hakhakhak!

At any rate, isa pang ikina-i-insecure ni lola sa ating maskuladong papa kuno ay ang maayos na lovelife niya all these years.

Kung ang marikonang mataba ay hirap na hirap maghanap ng makasusundong papa, ang balladeer ay very much at peace ang drama with his totally devoted and dedicated ‘mama.’ Hahahahaha!

Kunsabagay, hindi naman landiera ang balladeer at tahimik lang naman ito sa isang tabi lalo na’t may show siya o teevee guestings kaya.

Hindi ba tulad nitong dabianitong birit king na always on the lookout for preys be it on his shows and concerts and personal appearances or in some out of town jaunts.

Ang malaking pagkakaiba pa nila maliban sa kanilang itzu at kargada (kargada raw,o! Hahahahaha!) obvious kasing mas daks ang balladeer as compared sa tabachingching na birit queen (Hahahahaha!) ay ang katotohanang neat sa kanyang katawan ang balladeer whereas dugyutaysingly yours ang masyobaers na biritera. Hakhakhak!

Most of the time ay wah-ing daw sa pagka-take a bath ito at may-I-depend on na lang sa kanyang imported colognes and perfumes na may-I-spray niya liberally all over his obese body. Hakhakhak!
Kaaning naman ever. Hakhakhak!

Another advantage is the fact that the soft-spoken balladeer’s albums are selling a lot more as compared to the obese birit queen who may be the better singer but when you speak of following, syolbogers siya sa gwaping na pa-machong balladeer. Hahahaha!

Anyway, day in, day out, ay wala nang ginawa ang mama ng balladeer kundi i-push to-the-max ang recording and singing career ng kanyang alaga.

‘Happily married’ nga kasi silang dalawa kaya smooth-sailing talaga ang lahat-lahat.

How so very nice.


Di impressive ang kargada kaya afraid sa press?

HAHAHAHAHAHA! How so very amusing naman this sizzling bit of info about this tall and highly masculine actor who’s a veritable novice at the local entertainment scene.

Ang tsika, kaya raw somewhat hazy or blurred and nude photo ng hunk na ‘to sa internet ay dahil sa hindi raw impressive (if you know the salient point I’m hinting at…Hakhakhak!) ang kanyang notes.

Come to think of it, I think this newsy bit of info seems not to be absolutely baseless. Hakhakhak!

Inasmuch as he’s got a succulent body that’s muscled and toned in the right places, it seems as if the focal point of his masculinity seems to be wanting of bulk. Hahahaha!

Ibig bang sabihin ay matitinga lang ang mga vaklushi kaya wah na lang pagka-show sa internet itetch? Hahahahahaha!

I could just imagine how the libidinous faggots would react the very moment he gets to show his succulent (?) machismo to all of them. Hahahahaha!

How amusing.

Ang nakapagtataka lang, nagbago na talaga ang size ng mga notes ng mga lalaki sa ngayon.

When I was very young, tall and hunky men would tend to have gigantic dicks while those of medium height normally posessed regular equipment.

But such is no longer the case these days.

Look at Ogie Alcasid, he’s barely five-feet-four inches but his junior is reportedly astounding (astounding daw, o! Hahahahaha!).

Even Janno Gibbs who is barely five-feet-six inches tall has always been rumored to be well-endowed.


That’s why this item on Mikael Daez supposedly possessing a regular junior is no longer a shocking bit of news to us. I’ve seen guys who are almost six footer but whose pennis are not altogether remarkable.

In the same vein that I’ve met men who are barely five-feet-four inches but are definitely well-stocked. Hakhakhak!

Kaya hindi na barometer sa ngayon ang height para i-assume nating taga-Dakota Mansion siya. Hahahahahaha!

Magpakita muna ng pruweba para paniwalaan.

Para paniwalaan daw, o! Hahahahahahahahahahaha!

Kaaning! Hahahahahahahaha!

Talo pala sila ng anak ni Gina Alajar. Barely five feet six inches ang height pero six inches raw ang kargada.

Six inches raw ang notes, o! Hahahahahahaha!

Agree ka ba, Roldan Frias Castro? Hahahahahahaha!


Tameme na ang detractors ni Cong. Emmeline Aglipay

LIFE is not meant to be a bed of roses. And Cong. Emmeline Aglipay is very much aware of the veracity of this statement.

Kaya naman nang pasukin niya ang intriguing world of politics, she thought she was already prepared for this eventuality. “But it’s different pala when they would write some fabricated lies about you,” she avers. “Inasnuch as I’m really trying to be most understanding, there are times when they would have the audacity to fabricate some obnoxious things about me.

“I just pray to God that they would realize their mistakes and I would be totally exonerated for I’m not guilty of the filths that they are accusing me of,” she bluntly stresses.

Sa ngayon, pinipilit daw niyang alisin sa isipan niya ang mga negative write-ups na occasionally ay nababasa niya sa mga tabloids.

“I’m happy though that lately, they seem to have realized their mistakes and are not into this demolition job anymore,” she thankfully states.

At any rate, Cong. Aglipay is definitely eye-catchingly beautiful that is why some people tend to write some filthy fabrications out of sheer envy.

But you can never put a good man/woman down. And Cong. Emmeline Aglipay is a rarity in a field peopled by rotten and obnoxious individuals.


Vindicated si KC

“FOREVER And A Day” is now pushing on its 3rd week and is still doing fine.

May staying power ang pelikula dahil sa bongga ang story line nito at pati na rin ang execution ni Direk Cathy Garcia Molina, not mention the competent acting of its main protagonists KC Concepcion and Sam Milby.

As time goes by, lalong dumarami ang nai-engganyong panoorin ito dahil sa positive feedbacks na nagsi-circulate.

At least naman, it has not turned out to be such devastating disappointment to the Star Cinema people who have always believed in the beauty of the project.

Try to watch if you have time. It’s a beautifully heartwarming movie that would make you feel good long after you’ve left the cinema.


User to-the-max!

WALA namang gandang lalaki at mukhang engot nga siya and if not for the kind of clout that his father possesses, I really doubt it if he would have an access in show business.

Pero feeling gwapo at macho nga ang balugaic na lalaking ito.

Hayan at may bago na namang nililigawang tisay na perennial starlet pero gandarang talaga.


Wait na lang tayo kung magtatagumpay siya ever. Hahahahaha!

Pero kung ako ang very classy na chick na ‘to, never ko siyang papatusin dahil delusory ang balugang lalaking ito at feeling niya’y he’s God’s gift to women. Hakhakhakhak!


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And with that, ito po ang kuya Pete ninyo na nagsasabing, Christopher, my son, I love you very, very much, my love for you goes beyond eternity.

Adios. Mabalos. I always need you, Nong!

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