Mistake #2

THE official website of the Office of the President showed an inverted Philippine Flag which Herminio Coloma Jr., head of the Presidential Communications Operations Office, was an honest mistake.

An inverted Philippine flag normally signifies that the country is at war against sovereign states and not war against poverty, corruption, hunger or insurrection.

The last time we heard of an honest mistake of this nature was when the US government unfurled an inverted Philippine Flag last year during the meeting of the leaders of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean)  when they went to visit US President Barack Obama in New York.

The US said it was an honest mistake. Because of too many wars the Philippine government has been waging against tyranny, ignorance, hunger, crime and corruption, to cite a few, who would not believe that the Philippines is at war against itself?

No one was fired because of the mistake at the Asean meeting so why should anyone, specifically Coloma, be asked to quit his post just because of an honest mistake?

For that matter, why should anyone be told to quit his government position for mistakes  like the New Bilibid Prison “escape” of former Gov. Antonio Leviste and the many other mistakes such as erroneous textbooks?

To begin with, let us start calling our flag “watawat” instead of “bandila” which was  derived from the Spanish term “bandera.”

And also take a closer look at the history of the Philippine flag which was designed, on  instruction of the American admiral by the name of George Dewey when he asked Emilio Aguinaldo.

It is said that the original design resembled a mythical sun with a face, a symbol common to  several former Spanish colonies. The flag was then sewed by three Filipinas who were residing in Hong Kong.

Historians said that based on anecdotal evidence and the few surviving flags from the era, the  colors of the original flag were the same blue and red as found on the flag of Cuba.

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